Do Contestants on Ellen’s Game of Games Get New Clothes?

do contestants on ellen's game of games get new clothes

Ellen’s Game of Games is a popular television game show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres that features a variety of entertaining and challenging games. Contestants compete for the chance to win exciting prizes and cash rewards. As viewers watch the show, they may wonder if the contestants are provided with new clothes or if they have to wear their own outfits throughout the competition. In this article, we will delve into whether or not contestants on Ellen’s Game of Games receive new clothes for their appearances on the show.

1. The Importance of Appearance on Television

When it comes to television shows, appearance plays a crucial role in creating an engaging and visually appealing experience for the audience. This holds true for game shows as well, where contestants’ attire can contribute to the overall entertainment value. On Ellen’s Game of Games, contestants are often seen wearing vibrant and eye-catching outfits that add to the excitement of the show. However, it is worth exploring whether these outfits are provided by the production team or if contestants are expected to bring their own.

2. Contestant Selection Process

Before delving into the clothing aspect, it is essential to understand how contestants are selected for Ellen’s Game of Games. Interested individuals typically apply online or through other designated channels. The production team then reviews the applications and selects potential contestants based on various criteria, including personality, enthusiasm, and ability to entertain. Once chosen, contestants are informed about the show’s requirements, which may include guidelines regarding their attire.

3. The Role of Wardrobe Stylists

To ensure that contestants look their best on television, many game shows employ wardrobe stylists who work closely with the production team. These professionals help create a cohesive and visually appealing look for the contestants. While it is unclear whether Ellen’s Game of Games has dedicated wardrobe stylists, it is reasonable to assume that the show provides some level of guidance and assistance to contestants in terms of their outfits.

Contestants may be asked to bring a variety of clothing options to the show, which are then reviewed by the production team or stylists. This allows for a selection process that aligns with the show’s aesthetic and ensures that contestants’ outfits are suitable for the games they will be participating in. The production team may also provide suggestions or recommendations to contestants regarding their attire, ensuring that it aligns with the show’s overall style and theme.

4. Contestants’ Personal Wardrobe

While contestants may receive guidance or assistance from the production team, it is important to note that they are generally responsible for providing their own clothing. Contestants are encouraged to bring a range of outfits that showcase their personality and style. This allows them to have some control over their appearance on the show while still adhering to any guidelines provided by the production team.


In conclusion, contestants on Ellen’s Game of Games are expected to bring their own clothing for their appearances on the show. While the production team may provide guidance and suggestions, contestants ultimately have the freedom to showcase their personal style. The presence of wardrobe stylists is unclear, but it is likely that they play a role in ensuring that contestants’ outfits align with the show’s aesthetic. So, the next time you watch Ellen’s Game of Games, remember that the vibrant and exciting outfits worn by the contestants are a result of their own choices, with some assistance from the production team.