Guide to Breeding Furcorns

A Comprehensive’ Guide to Breeding Furcorns

Guide to Breeding Furcorns are magical creatures that have been around for centuries, but recently have become a popular subject of breeding and becoming one of the hottest topics in the magical creature realm. Breeding Furcorns is a serious endeavor that requires a deep understanding of the creatures and their particular needs. This guide will…

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Leather Seat Covers for Trucks

Reasons To Use Leather Seat Covers for Trucks

The roads and highways are not always very friendly towards our vehicles. After all, they are constantly subjected to wear and tear, dirt, and dust. Driving a vehicle that has been properly cared for greatly enhances one’s sense of well-being both inside and outside the truck. This feeling of well-being can be further enhanced when…

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fashion design

What is fashion design?

Fashion design is an art form dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories. Modern fashion design falls into two basic categories: haute couture and ready-to-wear. The haute couture collection is dedicated to and tailored to specific customers. To qualify as a haute couture house, a designer must be a member of the…

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Beauty Products

Pseudo-Science of Beauty Products

Last year on a vanity project, as part of a science experiment, I decided to adopt a new skincare routine, something an aging celebrity could follow on a daily basis. My goal was to see if a high-tech routine could make a difference. Is it worth buying beauty products? Read more: razelnews I was introduced…

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Flowers Colors Change in Response to Climate Change

As the global climate changes, flowers and animals have adapted, occupied new territories, and even changed breeding seasons. Now, research suggests that over the past 75 years, flowers have also adapted to rising temperatures and ozone depletion by changing the ultraviolet (UV) pigments in their petals. Read more: razelnews Flowers’ The UV pigments are invisible…

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A Strategy That Will Fix Healthcare

Gone are the days of the status quo in healthcare.  All healthcare systems around the world struggle with rising costs and inconsistent quality. Despite the hard work of well-trained and well-meaning doctors. Health officials and policymakers have tried myriad incremental solutions—fighting fraud, reducing errors, enforcing practice guidelines, improving patients as “consumers,” implementing electronic health records—but…

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