6 Best Tourists Attractions in Armenia


Best Tourists Attractions in Armenia 

Armenia has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The scenery is breathtaking wherever you go, thanks to the dramatic, mountainous landscapes dotted with deep gorges, sparkling lakes, and gushing rivers. As a result, there is plenty of excellent hiking to be had. Because of its strategic location in the Caucasus, the region has been visited by everyone from the Romans and Byzantines to the Persians and Soviets. Despite all of this turmoil, Armenia has maintained its rich language, culture, and heritage.

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1 Garni

Garni is a pleasant place to visit, though most people come to see the magnificent first-century AD temple and delightful monastery. The Temple of Garni, perched atop a cliff edge overlooking ululating hills and mountains, showcases some stunning Hellenic architecture. You can explore the fantastic fortified compound of the 11th century Geghard Monastery, which includes a magnificent old church, elaborate carvings, and hot springs. There are numerous paths and trails in the surrounding countryside for you to hike, cycle, or horseback ride along.

2 Areni Wine Country

Given that grapes and vineyards have been grown here for over 6,000 years, it should come as no surprise that the Areni Wine Country produces some of the country’s most delectable vertical wine rack. The vineyards blanket entire mountain sides and valley slopes, punctuated by charming little farmhouses and wineries, and are set among some stunning mountain scenery. While most visitors come for the fantastic local produce, the region also has some very interesting sights for you to enjoy.

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3 Khor Virap Monestry

The Khor Virap Monastery is well worth a visit because it is set among some absolutely breathtaking scenery. The monastery, a popular pilgrimage site, is well-known throughout the country for its breathtaking scenery, which includes Mount Ararat in Turkey in the distance. Saint Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned in Khor Virap, which means “deep dungeon,” in the third century. Following his release, he assisted in the conversion of the local king to Christianity, resulting in Armenia becoming the first Christian nation.

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4 Debed Canyon

Traveling through the Debed Canyon, which is home to an amazing array of small villages and towns, each with their own distinct look, feel, and identity, is a magical experience. The canyon, which connects Armenia and Georgia, winds through some breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, with charming little villages dotted here and there. Debed Canyon offers the ideal blend of history, culture, and nature, with numerous hiking trails snaking their way from the small villages into the surrounding mountains.

5 Goris 

Goris, in the country’s southeast, is a lovely place to visit. Along with its breathtaking landscapes, there are many fascinating historical and cultural landmarks to visit. The tree-lined streets of the planned city are ideal for leisurely strolling. As you walk around, you’ll notice a lot of charming old stone houses, a fantastic archaeological museum and art gallery, and a beautiful fourth-century basilica. Goris is a pleasant and peaceful town to spend a few days in.

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6 Lake Sevan 

Lake Sevan is the largest lake in the Caucasus, and its tranquil waters seem to stretch into the distance forever. Due to the abundance of amazing recreational opportunities, it is a popular holiday destination among both locals and foreigners. Along its scenic shores, impressive old monasteries and churches such as Sevanavank and Hayravank can be found. However, it is the lake’s numerous fantastic beaches that draw the majority of visitors, who come to relax on their golden sands or enjoy the incredible array of watersports on offer.

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