Accel Brien: Tel Avivbased 21m Series Accelbrienventurebeat

Tel Avivbased 21m Series Accelbrienventurebeat

Tel Avivbased 21m Series Accelbrienventurebeat, has closed a $21 million Series Round. Founded in 2020, Accel Brien specializes in investing in early-stage startups. The firm is led by a team of experienced industry veterans and is well known for their expertise in the tech sphere and in making high-level connections with industry leading investors. This investment will further solidify Accel Brien’s position as one of the most prolific venture capital firms in the region and will help open many new doors for its portfolio companies.

Overview of Accel Brien

Accel Brien is a venture capital firm founded in Tel Aviv in 2020. They specialize in investing in early-stage startups and has become a formidable player in the Tel Aviv tech scene. The firm is led by executive chairman Eli Shamir, principal Eran Eyal Yonah, partner Guy Zakay and operations partner Shai Liberman. These highly respected industry veterans each bring a different level of expertise to the firm providing the perfect blend of experience and insight into the startup world.

Company History

Accel Brien was established in the earlier part of 2020 and has grown rapidly over the past year. The firm’s chief executive, Eli Shamir, has a vast amount of experience in the venture capital world with well over two decades of experience in various positions around the world. His team also consists of highly-credentialed individuals with deep ties to the tech and venture capital community.

Team and Portfolio

Tel Avivbased 21m Series Accelbrienventurebeat, allowing them to identify and invest in the region’s most promising startups. Their portfolio companies specialize in a variety of industries, ranging from artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain and even AI-driven health and medical technologies. Each member of their team has extensive experience in the industry and can straight away spot success in any industry.

Series Round

The firm recently announced the closing of their $21 Million Series Round. This investment provides Accel Brien with the necessary capital to expand their portfolio and take on more investments. The round was led by venture capital firm Insight Partners, a prominent global VC firm with offices in New York, San Francisco, London and Tel Aviv. With this additional capital, Accel Brien can solidify its place in the venture capital industry and will open lots of new doors for the startups they invest in.

Benefits for Portfolio Companies

One of the key benefits of investing with Accel Brien is the access its portfolio companies have to premium industry leaders and investors. The team’s wide-reaching connections and expertise in early-stage investments means that portfolio companies are connected to the most influential players in their field. These connections often prove to be invaluable in helping a portfolio company grow and succeed.

Connections to Industry Leaders

Accel Brien prides itself on connecting its portfolio companies with the brightest minds in the industry. From industry leaders to corporate decision makers, the firm has access to some of the top names in the field. These connections often provide Accel Brien investors with an inside track for future deals, project funding and other key opportunities.

Financial Support

In addition to providing access to the best investors, Accel Brien also offers access to financial support. This support comes in the form of capital investment and other related services. Accel Brien is known to provide early-stage startups with much needed capital and guidance that can help grow a business in its early stages.

Strategic Advice

The firm is home to a range of industry veterans and experts that provide strategic advice to their portfolio companies. From corporate strategy to M&A, Accel Brien provides portfolio companies with the necessary support to grow and succeed in their respective fields.

Impact of the Series Round

The closing of the $21 Million Series Round marks a new chapter for Accel Brien as the firm looks to expand its portfolio. The new capital allows the firm to take on more investments and form new relationships with top industry investors. The impact of the Series Round is far-reaching, with implications on the venture capital industry, the local investing climate and the expansion of the regional tech ecosystem.

Future of Accel Brien

The Series Round marks an important moment for Tel Avivbased 21m Series Accelbrienventurebeat  its foothold in the venture capital industry. With a steady stream of capital, Accel Brien can enter into new investments and continue to invest in its portfolio companies, helping them achieve their goals and grow.

Investing Climate of Tel Aviv

Accel Brien’s Series Round brings a renewed focus on the Tel Aviv investing climate, propelling the region and its tech ecosystem into the global spotlight. With more capital flowing into the region, other international and local venture capitalists are sure to follow suit, increasing competition and further expanding the local tech ecosystem.

Expansion of Ecosystem

The Series Round also has implications for the expansion of the local tech ecosystem. With more money flowing into the region, more startups are likely to emerge, creating new opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and the local population. The influx of capital should help spur innovation and job creation, furthering the goals of the local tech ecosystem.


Accel Brien’s decision to close a $21 Million Series Round is an important milestone for the firm and the venture capital industry in Tel Aviv. The influx of capital will open the door for more investments and more opportunities for early-stage startups. The impact of the Series Round is far-reaching, with implications on the venture capital industry, the local investing climate and the expansion of the regional tech ecosystem.