America: Shootings in Oregon and Texas, 4 people killed


Two people were killed after a gunman opened fire in a shopping mall in the US state of Oregon.

The suspect, firing an automatic rifle in the parking area of the shopping center, went to the grocery store where he opened fire.

At 7pm on Sunday, the police received reports of an attack at the shopping centre.

Police chased the accused to the spot and found him dead with his rifle.
Police say they did not fire, the accused was already dead.

On the other hand, two people were killed in a shooting in a residential area of Texas state.

According to the police, on Sunday afternoon, unknown gunmen opened fire on three people in the yard of the house.

A 17-year-old boy and a 5-year-old child died on the spot, while a one-and-a-half-year-old child was injured and is undergoing treatment in a hospital.