Atari CEO Fred Chesnais: A Visionary Leader in the Gaming Industry

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The gaming industry has witnessed tremendous growth and innovation over the years, with numerous companies striving to capture the attention of gamers worldwide. One such company that has left an indelible mark on the industry is Atari, a pioneer in the gaming world. At the helm of this iconic brand is CEO Fred Chesnais, a visionary leader who has successfully steered Atari through challenging times and positioned it for future success. In this article, we will delve into Chesnais’ background, his role as CEO, his partnership with venture capitalist Stéphane Kasriel, and the impact they have had on Atari’s resurgence.

Background and Early Career:

Fred Chesnais’ journey in the gaming industry began long before he assumed the role of CEO at Atari. With a passion for technology and a keen interest in gaming, Chesnais embarked on a career that would see him become a prominent figure in the industry. Prior to joining Atari, he co-founded a company called Infogrames Entertainment, which later acquired Atari in 2001. Chesnais played a pivotal role in revitalizing the brand and preserving its legacy.

Reviving Atari:

When Chesnais took over as CEO of Atari in 2013, the company was facing significant challenges. However, his strategic vision and determination to revive the brand breathed new life into the company. Chesnais recognized the importance of nostalgia in gaming and leveraged Atari’s rich history to create a sense of familiarity among gamers. He focused on reimagining classic Atari games for modern platforms while also exploring new avenues such as mobile gaming and virtual reality.

Under Chesnais’ leadership, Atari successfully launched the Atari VCS, a modern console that pays homage to the company’s iconic past while embracing the latest technology. This move not only appealed to long-time Atari fans but also attracted a new generation of gamers. Chesnais’ ability to strike a balance between honoring Atari’s heritage and embracing innovation has been instrumental in the company’s resurgence.

Partnership with Venture Capitalist Stéphane Kasriel:

In 2019, Chesnais forged a partnership with venture capitalist Stéphane Kasriel, further solidifying Atari’s position in the gaming industry. Kasriel, known for his expertise in technology and business strategy, brought a fresh perspective to the table. Together, Chesnais and Kasriel have worked tirelessly to expand Atari’s reach and explore new opportunities.

The partnership with Kasriel has enabled Atari to secure funding for ambitious projects, such as the creation of a blockchain-based gaming platform. This innovative approach not only showcases Atari’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements but also demonstrates Chesnais’ ability to identify strategic partnerships that align with the company’s vision.

Impact and Future Outlook:

Fred Chesnais’ leadership has had a profound impact on Atari’s trajectory. Under his guidance, the company has experienced a resurgence in popularity and relevance. By leveraging Atari’s rich history and embracing new technologies, Chesnais has successfully positioned the brand for future success.

Atari’s partnership with venture capitalist Stéphane Kasriel has opened doors to new possibilities and allowed the company to explore uncharted territories. With the upcoming launch of the Atari VCS and the development of blockchain-based gaming platforms, Atari is poised to make significant strides in the gaming industry.


Fred Chesnais’ tenure as CEO of Atari has been marked by his visionary leadership and strategic decision-making. Through his efforts, Atari has reestablished itself as a prominent player in the gaming industry. Chesnais’ ability to balance nostalgia and innovation, coupled with his partnership with venture capitalist Stéphane Kasriel, has positioned Atari for a bright future. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Fred Chesnais remains at the forefront, driving Atari’s success and shaping the gaming landscape.