Austell Man Accused of Impersonating a Police Office

In a highly concerning incident, a man from Austell, Georgia has been accused of pretending to be a police officer. The accusation has shocked the community, raising discussions about what particular steps can be taken to protect the public from such acts. This article will address the details of the incident, potential implications, and suggestions to safeguard against similar acts.

Details of the Incident:

An Austell man has been accused of impersonating a police officer by wearing a uniform, driving a vehicle with flashing lights, and performing a traffic stop on another individual. Multiple news reports have indicated that the incident occurred on April 18th, 2019. The accused has been identified as 38-year-old Charles Harris. Harris has been charged with impersonating a peace officer and obstruction of officers. His current court status is unknown.

Possible Implications of the Incident:

The incident has sparked multiple conversations about the dangers of someone impersonating a police officer. If a person is stopped by someone claiming to be a law enforcement officer, it could potentially lead to a dangerous situation. It can also lead to a person taking the law into their own hands without the proper legal proceedings. Furthermore, this incident has highlighted the potential threat of people impersonating police officers in general.

Suggestions to Safeguard the Public:

The best way to safeguard against such incidents is to be aware of any potential suspicious activity and report such cases immediately. Some tips to follow are to take note of their vehicle number, noting their exact location, and if possible, taking a photograph of them. In addition, people should be aware of their rights in the case of a traffic stop. For example, one should ask the person for their name, badge number, and a physical business card. Furthermore, people should always request to see proper identification from law enforcement officers.


In conclusion, a man from Austell has been accused of impersonating a police officer. This incident has sparked conversations about the potential danger of such acts and the public should remain aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activity. Furthermore, it is important to take note of any potential signs of someone impersonating law enforcement and take necessary steps to ensure the public’s safety.