Cube Decorating Contest Rules


Are you looking for a fun way to bring some excitement and creativity to your workplace? A cube decorating contest may be just the thing you need! Not only does it provide a chance for employees to showcase their artistic skills, but it also promotes team building and boosts morale. However, before you start planning your contest, it’s important to establish some rules to ensure fairness and safety. In this article, we’ll discuss the essential cube decorating contest rules you need to know.

1. Eligibility

The first rule you need to establish is who is eligible to participate in the contest. Will it be open to all employees or just a specific department or team? It’s important to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate. You may also want to consider setting a minimum length of employment or requiring participants to have a certain level of job performance.

2. Theme

Next, you’ll need to decide on a theme for the contest. This can be anything from a holiday theme to a company culture theme. Make sure the theme is broad enough to allow for creativity but specific enough to provide some direction. You may also want to consider providing some inspiration or examples to help participants get started.

3. Guidelines

Once you’ve established the eligibility and theme, it’s time to set some guidelines for the contest. This includes rules about what materials can be used, how much space can be decorated, and any safety regulations that need to be followed. For example, you may want to prohibit the use of candles or other fire hazards. You may also want to limit the amount of decorations that can be hung from the ceiling or walls.

4. Judging Criteria

Finally, you’ll need to establish the judging criteria for the contest. This should be based on creativity, originality, and adherence to the theme. You may also want to consider incorporating a voting system that allows employees to vote for their favorite cube. This not only encourages participation but also promotes a sense of community and teamwork.


A cube decorating contest can be a fun and engaging way to bring some excitement to the workplace. However, it’s important to establish some rules to ensure fairness and safety. By setting eligibility requirements, choosing a theme, providing guidelines, and establishing judging criteria, you can create a successful and enjoyable contest that promotes creativity and team building. So why not give it a try and see what kind of amazing designs your employees can come up with!