Don’t Miss These 12 Things To Do With Kids In Dehradun


Dehradun is a lovely city in the foothills of the Himalayas, providing a range of enjoyable activities for children. There are many kid-friendly activities in Dehradun that you should not miss if you are visiting the hilly area with your kids.

Top 12 things to do with kids in Dehradun

  • Visit the Malsi Deer Park: This park is home to various deer species, including spotted deer, and is an ideal location for a picnic with your children. Children may feed the animals while learning about the protection of nature.
  • Visit Robber’s Cave: This natural cave formed by a river is also an excellent place for youngsters to explore and play in the water.
  • Visit the Tapkeshwar Temple: It is also built inside a natural cave and is devoted to Lord Shiva. Children will enjoy the unusual experience of visiting a cave-based shrine.
  • Take a trip on the ropeway: The Ropeway in Dehradun provides breathtaking city views and is also a pleasant pastime for children.
  • Visit the Forest Research Institute. This institute is an excellent location to learn about forestry and environmental science. Children will love touring the museums and exhibitions in this area. It features a gorgeous campus with verdant landscapes and remarkable architecture. It features a museum showcasing the diversity of India’s forest products and a botanical park.
  • Picnic in Sahastradhara: This famous picnic location is famed for its natural sulphur water springs. Children can swim in the lake and explore the surrounding vegetation.
  • Visit the Mindrolling Monastery: This stunning monastery also provides a tranquil setting for children to learn about Buddhism and its traditions.
  • Visit Fun Valley: Fun Valley is an entertainment park in Dehradun with rides and activities for all ages. It is a beautiful area for families to spend the day.
  • Visit the Rajaji National Park: It is home to various animals like tigers, leopards, and elephants. Children will enjoy the excitement of a jungle safari. Children can observe elephants, tigers, and other animals in their natural habitat.
  • Visit the Zonal Museum: This museum also displays the region’s history and culture and is an excellent location for youngsters to learn about Dehradun’s rich legacy.
  • Go on a hike: Dehradun has a variety of hiking opportunities, including the family-friendly Nag Tibba climb. Exploring nature and hiking across the mountains will be an exciting experience for children.
  • Relish the local food: Dehradun is renowned for its excellent street cuisine, including chaat, momos, and chole bhature. Children may sample various food options and the local cuisines as well.

However, Dehradun has several activities that are appropriate for families with children. Whether you like outdoor activities or cultural events, this charming city has also something for everyone.

Best locations to stay in Dehradun

Most Dehradun hotels are also located in the city centre or close to prominent tourist attractions. Rajpur Road, Chakrata Road, Pacific Mall Road, Haridwar Bypass Road, and Paltan Bazar are also some of Dehradun’s most famous hotel districts. Rajpur Road is one of the city’s main avenues and is home to various inexpensive and opulent hotels.

Chakrata Road is also renowned for its beautiful beauty and is home to several resorts and hotels catering to visitors. Paltan Bazar is a prominent shopping district with several budget-friendly hotels. Mussoorie Road, Clement Town, Pacific Mall Road, and Sahastradhara Road are all significant locations for Dehradun hotels. The proximity of these locations to the city’s key sites and transit hubs makes them convenient for visitors and business travellers.

In addition, there are also several hotels near the Dehradun Train Station and Jolly Grant Airport for people who wish to be near these transit hubs.

Treebo Dehradun hotels are found in several neighbourhoods. Some of the most popular places in Dehradun where Treebo hotels are located include

  • Rajpur Road
  • East Canal Road
  • Ballupur Chowk
  • Karanpur
  • Saharanpur Road
  • ISBT Dehradun

These are also some of the best locations to stay in Dehradun, depending on your preferences and interests.

However, Make a reservation in advance, especially during the busiest travel times of the year, to guarantee a hotel is available and avoid last-minute hassles.

Treebo Dehradun Hotels

Treebo Dehradun hotels provide the best level of service. If a trip to this beautiful hill station is on your bucket list, you can be assured that the accommodation cost will also be reasonable. Several 2-star, 3-star, and economy Dehradun hotels of Treebo are excellent for budget-minded modern travellers. Treebo hotels are also some of the most affordable Dehradun hotels, ideal for single travellers, couples, and families. In Dehradun, visitors, especially couples, may also stay at hotels that are couple-friendly. Using Treebo’s website or app, you can also reserve a room with a single swipe.

  • Treebo Trend K Blessings
  • Treebo Trend Blessing Bells
  • Treebo Trend GK residency
  • Treebo Trend Grand Legacy Elite
  • Treebo Trend Calista
  • Treebo Trend Kanopy Greens
  • Treebo Trend Grand Legacy Shahenshah
  • Treebo Trend Pearl Avenue
  • Treebo Trend Jungle View Retreat
  • Itsy By Treebo – Studioz
  • Itsy By Treebo – Krishna Heights
  • Itsy By Treebo – Paras Tower

However, It is advisable to investigate and evaluate a variety of accommodations to pick one that fits your budget and requirements.

Why opt for Treebo in Dehradun?

Treebo hotels are also recognised for providing quality lodging, with comfortable, well-maintained rooms outfitted with modern amenities to guarantee a pleasurable stay. There are also several reasons why you would choose Treebo Dehradun hotels.

  • Strategic locations: Treebo Dehradun hotels are also located in easily accessible areas close to popular tourist destinations.
  • Friendly staff: Treebo hotels delight in providing competent and friendly service to visitors. They strive to offer each guest a pleasant and comfortable stay.
  • Low prices: Treebo hotels feature cheap rates, making them a good option for travellers on a budget.
  • Complimentary freebies: Treebo hotels also include complimentary breakfast, free Internet, and room service, among other amenities.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness: Treebo hotels adhere to rigorous safety and cleaning standards to ensure their guests’ safety and health.
  • Safety and Security: Treebo hotels prioritise the safety and security of their guests, including CCTV cameras, secure locks, and 24-hour front desk service.
  • Ratings: Treebo Dehradun hotels have also gotten great feedback from previous guests, indicating that they provide a pleasant experience for travellers.

Overall, Treebo Dehradun hotels are a good choice for travellers looking out for quality lodgings, helpful staff, and budget-friendly rates.