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Essays are a very important part of student life, especially when it comes to admissions. Many institutions consider student essays an important criterion in the admission process. However, essay writing can be a more challenging task than usual. Putting ideas into an impressive flow of words is easier said than done. It is always better to keep some practice in mind before writing an essay. Hence, before you take help from essay writing services, you can take a look at some tricks for a good essay.    

Some of the best essay writing practices are:   

Following the usual essay writing method.  

There is no compulsion that you should always follow very specific guidelines while writing an essay. No one says if you do not follow some guidelines if you do not do so, your piece of writing will not be considered for anything beneficial. However, the point here is that if you follow certain principles of essay writing, you will have a higher chance of impressing the board of admission. They are the ones who would decide the status of your admission. Therefore, using tried and tested methods will come to the clutch to create a favorable flow.  

Topic Selection for essay writing 

People often overlook the importance of this skill. This is a decision that may set the stage for a successful essay. The theme you choose will determine how passionate you are about your writing. Since admission essays are a personal expression, your topic should be the one you feel very strongly about. if you choose a theme that you do not feel very passionately about, it will surely reflect in your essay. The more you feel connected to the topic, the more emotional it will be. The more emotion-rich It becomes the more it will be engaging for the readers. Also, the topic you are most interested in is the topic you are most familiar with. It is a simple idea; if something appeals to you, only then it will compel you to research it. So be careful when choosing your theme.  

Essay Writing is Communicating ideas  

You will need to master this skill to write a beautiful and impressive essay. The trick here is not just limited to careful topic selection; but how you present that topic. The introduction is critical. Remember that the admission board has tons of applications and reading essays that reach them regardless. They have to choose an application that stands out from the rest.  

You have to be creative in your presentation. You will need to brainstorm ideas to create a unique essence for your essay. Keep your readers engaged and give them a different perspective on the topic of your choice, something they never saw before they read your piece.  

Balance the golden triad of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos in essay writing 

If you like writing essays, you would have heard of the following words – ethos, pathos, and logos. These are three ways to persuade. Online essay help writers take good care of such rules. Any good essay will have a balance of the features mentioned earlier to attract the audience or readers.

Ethos: Firstly, Building Ethos means building your credibility in front of your readers and, in this case- the admission board.   

Logos: Secondly, Logos is the aspect of an essay where you express facts and statistics. It is the process of basing your content on what they, as your audience, know is authentic and reliable.  

Pathos: Lastly, pathos can be the emotional hinge of your essay. If you can engage your readers’ emotions, your job is half done.    

Every good essay has a delicate balance of these three, and you need to do the same.  

While Writing an Essay, Show, Don’t Tell  

This is another trick, yet the best and most influential of any writing, not just essay writing. To engage your readers in a way that evokes their emotions and engages them with content, you should ‘show them,’ not tell them.  

The difference is simple. When you merely tell people what you are writing, it does not carry any weight. But if you paint a picture in front of their eyes, the emotional weight will hit the readers hard. It is the art of visual essay telling.  

This skill is hard to crack, and not everyone can nail this quickly. But if you do, it guarantees that your essay will stand out in the lot.  

Selling, but not overselling  

We hope you do not take this personally, but you will have to make yourself a commodity.   

Humor aside, it is true that somehow you have to prove yourself better than others. It is an analogy of people buying something in the market. If you are going to buy a dress, you have many suitable options, right? And you always choose the one you like best.  

While the same principle is being played in essay writing, the board of admission will choose the candidate who offers the most valuable skills according to their prerequisites. In your essay, you should be able to convince them that you are the one.   

You will need to be tactful in showing what you know and, at the same time, avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication, which can lead to misunderstandings and confusion.    


You should make sure that your essay is brief but does not feel incomplete. It should also not leave any loose ends untied. When you write an essay, you introduce various ideas and questions. When the readers are invested in those ideas, it is important to tie them up and answer the questions the essay poses. This is a way to give your essay a sense of closure, which will provide readers with satisfaction.  Since you are following a story-like flow in your essay ensure to give a definite conclusion A proper closure can enable your essay to feel like a completed piece.  

Remember to read your essay repeatedly so that you can do it the way you want.  

However, if you feel you do not have the time or skills needed to write an essay, there is another way. There are plenty of websites that can help you to write good academic essays. Websites like TutorBin’s write a speech for me services have a student-friendly framework that allows you to have methods written by experts in the field with zero percent plagiarism and commitment to deadline.  

Good luck to you! 

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