Exploring “Dora the Explorer: A Present for Santa” on Dailymotion

Dora the Explorer A Present for Santa on Dailymotion

Dora the Explorer A Present for Santa on Dailymotion? If so, then look no further than “Dora the Explorer: A Present for Santa” on Dailymotion. This popular holiday classic follows Dora and her friends as they travel through a magical winter wonderland on their mission to deliver a special package to Santa. Join the merry adventurers as they encounter festive surprises, solve puzzles, and make new friends on their journey. Discover why this family favorite has become a beloved holiday tradition and learn more about “Dora the Explorer: A Present for Santa” right here!

Overview of the Show

Dora the Explorer A Present for Santa on Dailymotionr: ” first aired on Nickelodeon in October 2005. The annual Christmas special follows the popular children’s animated series, “Dora the Explorer,” which follows the adventures of a brave and curious seven-year-old Latina explorer, Dora, and her talking purple backpack, Boots. In this special, Dora and Boots join their friends, Benny the Bull and Isa the iguana, for a festive holiday mission: the group must find, wrap, and deliver a special present for Santa in time for his big Christmas delivery.

Dora the Explorer A Present for Santa on Dailymotion. The episode is designed for an audience of children ages two to five, and follows the group’s escapades through a magical, snow-covered winter wonderland. At each step, the intrepid travelers face both challenges and unexpected surprises, allowing them to hone their problem-solving skills and learn valuable lessons about friendship, responsibility, and courage. Along the way, they also meet some interesting characters, all while spreading Christmas cheer!

Plot Summary

Dora the Explorer A Present for Santa on Dailymotion, viewers join Dora and Boots as they prepare to deliver a gift to Santa Claus. After packing up their sled, they hit the road in hot pursuit of Santa. As they make their way through the snowy landscape, they come across a few surprises, including a mysterious figure named North Wind who offers to help them find Santa. With his help, they continue on their quest and eventually find Santa’s workshops nestled in a snow-capped mountain. There, Dora and her friends learn that the elves are not able to wrap the present in time for Santa’s biggest delivery of the year.

Therefore, the group teams up to try and complete the task themselves. They go on a hunt for the perfect present, and even enlist the help of Tico the squirrel by teaching him his special wrapping technique. With the package wrapped, Dora and her friends then set out to bring the gift to Santa, and along the way, learn the importance of trusting their own courage and instincts. After racing to get to Santa in time, the group’s mission is a success and the Christmas holiday is saved!

Cast and Characters

Dora the Explorer A Present for Santa on Dailymotion. The special stars a number of lovable and adventurous characters. This includes Dora, played by Kathleen Herles, her best friend Boots, played by Harrison Chad, Benny the Bull voiced by Marc Weiner, and Isa the Iguana voiced by Ashley Fleming. Rounding out the cast is Tico the squirrel, played by Angelina Moreno, and North of Wind, voiced by Sean Astin.

Fun Facts

“Dora the Explorer A Present for Santa on Dailymotion:” was Nickelodeon’s second ever Christmas special, airing only one year after the network’s first, “Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure”. Its success led to the creation of an entire series of holiday episodes, including “Dora’s Christmas Adventure”, “Dora’s Christmas Star”, and “Dora’s Christmas Wonderland”. In addition, the special won a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program in 2007.

Available Video Clips

“Dora the Explorer: A Present for Santa” can be found on the Dailymotion website. Here, viewers can find a variety of clips from the special, allowing them to follow it from start to finish. Highlights from the show include Dora and Boots searching for the perfect gift for Santa, teaching Tico how to wrap presents, and Dora and friends’ triumphant arrival to deliver the present in time.


Overall, viewers both young and old will find “Dora the Explorer A Present for Santa on Dailymotion” on Dailymotion to be a fun and joyful way to enjoy the holiday season. With its lovable and adventurous characters, magical winter wonderland setting, and heartwarming message, it’s no wonder why this holiday classic has become a favorite family tradition. So gather up the little ones and join Dora and her friends on their mission to deliver a special package to Santa!