Fulfilling the long-standing desire of users, Twitter also got an option like Facebook

Twitter also got an option like Facebook

Micro-blogging website Twitter also fulfilled a long-standing wish of its users where it introduced a Facebook-like option.

Twitter has displayed an edit button option on its platform, with the help of which users.

now be able to make changes to these messages as per their wish.

It should be noted that previously there was no edit option on Twitter.

due to which users used to delete the message. or issue a correction to correct the mistake.

B Twitter made it easy for its users by introducing the option to edit the message instead of deleting it due to a minor mistake.

which the users were waiting for a long time.

Twitter has released a message in this regard and in it they have shown how this edit feature will be visible to users.

In the post, Twitter wrote that “If you see an edit tweet, it’s because we’re testing edit botting.”

The edit button will appear like this, you will see a pencil icon with a time subsequent to it.

it’ll say it changed into ultimate edited at this time the put up said.
According to foreign media reports, Twitter is currently rolling out this feature to its paying users, the service these users use is called ‘Twitter Blue’.