How Old Is Dabi?

The mystery of Dabi’s age has been the subject of much speculation in the My Hero Academia fandom. With the recent revelation of his identity as the son of the infamous villain Endeavor, fans are more eager than ever to learn the age of this enigmatic character. This article will examine the clues and evidence surrounding Dabi’s age, ultimately attempting to answer the question: how old is Dabi?

Background Information on Dabi

Dabi is one of the major antagonists of the popular manga and anime series My Hero Academia. He is a member of the League of Villains and is known for his ruthless and sadistic behavior. He has a dark and mysterious past, and his identity was only recently revealed to be that of Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of the powerful hero Endeavor. Despite his background and his arrogance, Dabi has proven himself to be a skilled and powerful fighter, capable of taking on some of the strongest heroes in the series.

Clues from the Manga

The most reliable way to determine Dabi’s age is to look at the clues provided in the manga itself. In Chapter 215 of the manga, Dabi makes a comment about how he was “one year younger than Shoto when [he] left home”. This implies that Dabi is a few years older than Shoto, who is currently 16 years old. In addition, the manga has revealed that Dabi was born shortly before the events of the “Hero Killer: Stain” arc, which took place seven years ago. This would make Dabi roughly 23 years old.

Clues from Other Sources

Aside from the manga, there are other sources that can be used to infer Dabi’s age. In the My Hero Academia video game, Dabi is listed as being 26 years old. Similarly, the official My Hero Academia website lists him as 25 years old. Although these ages may not be canon, they can still be used as a point of reference.

Theories on Dabi’s Age

Given the various clues provided in the manga and other sources, it is safe to assume that Dabi is somewhere in his early twenties. However, there are some theories that suggest he is actually older than that. Some believe that Dabi was born before Endeavor’s attempt to climb the ranks of the hero society, meaning he could be in his late twenties or even thirties. Others have speculated that Dabi is actually Endeavor’s second son, which would make him even older.


The mystery of Dabi’s age has been the source of much speculation, but there is enough evidence to draw a conclusion. Based on the clues provided in the manga, other sources, and various theories, it can be assumed that Dabi is somewhere in his early twenties. While exact age is still uncertain, it is safe to say that Dabi is significantly older than his younger brother Shoto.