In 2023, These Instagram Hacks Will Get You Through Your Day

In 2023 These Instagram

In terms of popularity and recognition, no other social media platform, even giants like Facebook or Twitter, come close to Meta-owned Instagram. According to Data Reportal, Instagram had around 1.318 billion users globally in January 2023.

Although Instagram, through its official applications and web-based platform, provides numerous interesting options and features. Sadly, most users do not know how to use or access them.

To ensure Instagram users use the platform to the best of their capabilities every day in 2023, this article will list some effective hacks using which individuals can use the platform’s offerings efficiently. Let us get started:

● Stop Seeing Specific Accounts’ Updates

On Instagram, most users follow their friends, family members, or acquaintances to stay in touch with them or keep up with what is happening in their lives. However, users often do not like or agree with what an account they are following has posted.

This is so extreme sometimes that it affects the mental well-being of users. Fortunately, there is a method following which users can stop seeing posts from said people without unfollowing them. Instagram offers users the “Mute” option using which they can mute the required account’s stories, posts, and even the notes they post.

To do so, all users need to do is navigate to the account they wish to mute, tap the “Following” option followed by “Mute,” and select whether they wish to mute their stories, posts, notes, or anything they post. This option of Instagram facilitates users to avoid complications or controversies and stay positive socially.

● Download Instagram Videos

With time, Instagram has evolved from a photo-based platform to one that also features different forms of video, including short (reels) and long-form (IGTV videos) video posts. Users often come across good videos that appeal to them, which makes them want to download and save them locally. Sadly, Instagram does not offer users the option to download videos natively.

However, there are numerous ways following which users can save Instagram videos locally on their respective devices with ease. If you also wish to save an Instagram video and are wondering, “How do I save videos on Instagram,” you can easily get the job using a third-party video downloader application like InstaGet, Pulltube, etc. You can also download the required Instagram video by using its source code. Besides the aforementioned methods, you can save an Instagram video locally using online video downloader websites like

 Manage and Organize Favorite Filters

One of Instagram’s most-loved and used additions is the range of filters the platform offers. Users can choose from various filters to enhance the appeal of the stories they post. Besides offering plenty of appealing filters, Instagram also features a secret option using which users can rearrange the filters as per their preferences.

To do so, all the user needs to do is when posting a new picture or video, navigate to “Filter,” tap and hold the preferred filter they wish to use, and move its position either upwards or downwards in the list. With the help of this simple trick, users can position the filter they use the most at the top of the list and push down their least favorite one to the bottom.

The option to manage filters enhances accessibility and benefits users, especially those who are very active on the platform, i.e., those who love to post updates on their accounts.

 Delete the Entire Search History At Once

Instagram is a very addictive social media platform, especially for those who like to look up all their favorite people, celebrities, companies, etc. The search functionality allows users to instantly search for their favorite accounts and check their updates. The searched terms or names remain etched in Instagram’s memory.

Although the fact that Instagram saves searched terms or accounts is a good feature, there are instances when users do not wish others to peep at their search history. Fortunately, there is a simple way following which users can make their search history squeaky clean.

To wipe their search history, users simply need to navigate to their profile, open the menu by tapping on the three-lined icon at the top-right corner, open “Your Activity,” navigate to “Recent Searches,” and tap on the “Clear All” option.

● Save Favorite Posts

Millions of Instagram creators create and upload content for their followers. The platform, to ensure users do not miss out on any posts, offers them the option to save their favorite posts or reels and watch them later or store them.

To save any post, users must tap on the bookmark-like icon underneath posts. Users can also create different collections for storing specific types of posts. To view the saved posts later, users need to tap the three-lined icon at the top-right corner and open the “Saved” section.

If you are very active on Instagram, follow the tips mentioned above for a refined experience every day.