Iran: 22-year-vintage woman dies in police custody for now no longer sporting hijab

Iran: 22-year-vintage woman dies in police custody for now no longer sporting hijab

For now no longer sporting a complete hijab, Tehran police detained and seriously tortured 22-year-vintage Mahsa.

Amini, due to which she went right into a coma, at some stage in remedy the younger woman misplaced her life.

According to overseas media reports, Mahsa Amini changed into added to the medical institution in a severe condition.

According to media reports, the medical doctors stated that the sufferer woman changed.

into added to the medical institution in a coma on Tuesday.
After being shifted to the medical institution, she changed into placed on a complete ventilator.

however couldn’t live to tell the tale and succumbed to her accidents on Friday.

Speaking to the media, Mehsa Amini’s brother stated that he and his own circle of relatives have been touring Tehran.

whilst the police arrested Mehsa and took her to the police station for now no longer following the get dressed code and displaying hair in her hijab. .

He similarly stated that the policemen have been thinking the sister withinside the police station.

I changed into anticipating him outside. Meanwhile, an ambulance got here and Messa changed into shifted to the medical institution.

even as we have been advised that he had suffered a coronary heart attack.
According to media reports, it’s far nonetheless doubtful what passed off from the time Mehsa arrived on the police station to the time he changed into taken to the medical institution.

According to a neighborhood TV channel, Messa changed into injured at the head.

On the opposite hand, human rights organizations, consisting of the own circle of relatives of Mahsa Amini, have demanded justice from the Iranian authorities for the alleged demise of the younger woman in custody

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