Mother kills classmate by poisoning daughter for performing well

Mother kills classmate by poisoning daughter for performing well

Police in India recently arrested a woman for allegedly killing her daughter’s classmate by drinking a poisonous soft drink.

According to media reports, the reason for this is that the boy performed better than his daughter in school.

In the tragic incident that took place in the town of Karakal in Pondicherry region in India, it is reported.

that a 42-year-old woman was accused of giving a poisonous drink to a 13-year-old boy.
The woman did this out of jealousy as there was a case of academic rivalry between the boy and his daughter.

the boy performed better than her daughter.

According to the incident, the student of the school told his mother after going home from school last Friday.

afternoon that he had become unwell after drinking the soft drink given by the school guard
said that he thought it must have been sent to him by his mother. When the boy’s condition worsened.

he was taken to hospital, after which his parents informed and checked the school’s CCTV footage, where a woman is seen handing a bottle of drink to a guard.

The boy later told the hospital that the woman gave a soft drink to the school janitor.

said that it was sent by my mother for me.
Unfortunately, the boy could not be saved and his condition worsened and he was brought back to the hospital where he died last Saturday.