Newborn baby Gifts


It’s difficult not to fuss over a newborn baby gift or “shower” parents-to-be with presents even before the little bundle of joy is born. These gifts help family and friends feel connected to the big event, make their lives easier, and fulfill their needs for the new addition to the family. A baby experiences a lot in its first year of life such as holding things in hand and responding to certain voices or gestures. Teething is one such experience that parents look for a safe solution for their baby. You should consider these options if you’re looking for cute and useful newborn gifts. It has been thoughtfully made for parents, relatives, and friends who are celebrating the birth of their newborns. The gift of every newborn hamper is filled with practical, aesthetically pleasing, and important products for parents and babies. Get the best gifts for the prized arrival of your prince or princess.

Tip: Baby gifts are usually given to the baby, but don’t forget the mother. A small gift package with nervous foods, breastfeeding teas, or comforting indulgences sweetens childbirth and is the balm of a mother’s soul.

Baby Hampers in Singapore

Newborns bring smiles to their parents and If you’re looking for a reliable site where you can purchase unique gifts for your newborn gifts Singapore or give a gift to someone who is special to you that brings smile to your newborn must try these unique products that revive newborn vision, beneficial for his/her education growth, attractive to kids, must be a water proof, ABS material and easy to wash. Nowadays toys must train your newborn to learn something like shape, alphabets or numbers. Few best gifts for kids are given that grows their mind set

  • Mini Cheese Tart
  • Cheese Tart
  • Extra Cheese Tart
  • Mini waffle
  • Waffle
  • Waffle Extra
  • Mini Pie
  • Apple Pie
  • Apple Pie Plus

Mini Cheese Tart

Mini cheese tart is a cute lion & toys as cheesy as cheese tart

Cheese Tart

Mid-size cheesy tart for the little one

Extra Cheese Tart

It includes a bigger tart with more cards and toys

Mini waffle

Mini waffle contains rabbit rattle and read them the dinosaurs & ocean animals in the cloth book


This package includes rabbit rattle and the dinosaurs & ocean animals in the cloth book and art cards

Waffle Extra

Waffle Extra has rabbit rattle, the dinosaurs, jungle & ocean animals in the cloth book and art cards. The baby mirror book that makes a smile on your newborn and colorful stacking cups.

Mini Pie

Mini Pie is a small package for new born that contains Shaker, dinosaur cloth book and colorful art cards.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie contains Shaker, dinosaur cloth book, colorful art cards, really fun & colorful stackers

Apple Pie Plus

High Contrast Black & White Cards (40 pcs), High Contrast Colorful Cards (40 pcs), Dinosaur Fun Cloth Book, Colorful Stacking Cups,Tsk Tsk Shaker, Apple Popper, Little Owl’s Day Cloth Book, Turtle & Duck Swimmer, Baby Safe Mirror Book and Cute Rabbit Rattle

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