Norstrat: Know Everything Related to Norstrat Northern Strategies 2023


Norstrat is specifically designed to assist its customers with a specific business objective or legal obligation to implement parts of Canada’s Northern Strategy. It is run by Lee Carson, a consulting company that has secured over $200M in Canadian contracts. The company mainly focuses on large infrastructure projects funded by the government.

Norstrat was founded in 2010 in partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces and government officials. Initially, it started with a small office in Canada which later expanded to the US. Since then it has been providing international clients with digital marketing strategies for their products, public relations, and required telecommunication marketing services.

It also caters to those who are new to their targeted business market. Its main objective is to primarily guide and support businesses in design and development with its eminent professionals who are experts in campaign strategy and business development.

What is Norstrat?

Norstrat was created to help clients who have a specific business goal or legal obligation to implement parts of Canada’s Northern Strategy. It is run by consulting firm Lee Carson, which has earned more than $200 million from deals in Canada. The company is mainly engaged in state-sponsored large infrastructure projects. In addition, companies, sometimes governments and even the military, need professional advice to improve their performance, according to people who contacted Norstrat.

It is one of the best companies that provide great support to many business people, governments and even the military. A Northern Canada strategy is a great idea to grow your business. However, you need to know more about it, which is why Norstrat Consulting helps people implement this strategy according to their goals. This tip is crucial to the success of many businesses.

What is the Norstrat Northern Strategy?

The Northern Strategy, also known as Canada’s Northern Strategy, was first implemented in Canada. The Canadian government introduced this strategy in 2007 and is now a business trend. The Northern Strategy is implemented around four of Canada’s priorities:

Improve and expand governance in the North

These are the four priorities and for this many companies have followed only the northern strategy. Norstrat has experience implementing this strategy in a variety of companies. It also caters to those who are new to your target business market. Its primary objective is to guide and support leading design and development companies through established professionals, and campaign strategy and business development experts.

History of Norstrat

NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. Lee Carson, a principal consultant to Canada’s Department of National Resources until he became a full-time consultant, founded Norstrat Consulting in 1988. Since then he has become one of the most sought-after names in the telecom and information technology industries in North America.

British Empire

His outstanding achievements have earned him several honors including the Order of the British Empire (OTOE) from Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to the Canadian telecommunications industry. This includes working with Bell Canada as a telecom consultant and specialist in communications and technical challenges. With this background, it’s easy to see why Norstrat would want to work with a think tank to help establish a strategic plan, especially one that addresses communications and other key areas of its customers’ operations.

Mr. Carson

As a result, Mr. Carson partnered with the Pacific Research Institute, Inc. (PRI) in Berkeley, California. Their goal was to work with the most innovative firms of the information age, and help them design and develop innovative communications technology. In return, they believed their efforts would help their customers, resulting in more revenue for those businesses. As part of this research foundation, a number of Canadian firms were involved in creating new and innovative telecommunications technologies. They needed to build a business case as well as technical data about the benefits that such systems provided to their clients. Many of them had previously worked for government agencies and were familiar with the process and procedures for applying for federal aid. Other businesses have created their own business cases, allowing them to provide more complete information to their clients and tailor it to the needs of different types of businesses.

Canadian Corporation

The result was often a more powerful package that could be used in Canada’s densely populated Northwest Passage at the time. Canadian corporations were involved in a number of collaborative projects working with PRI. One such project looked at how their technology could be integrated into the transportation sector. Many of the major communications networks developed in Canada are now used around the world in places like the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. Norstrat established its research foundation in response to the difficulties that large corporations faced in completing their projects on time. They tried to show how they can overcome such challenges and become leaders in their professions with the help of this think tank. The final chapter in the Northwest Passage story tells how Norstraat and the PRI influenced how Canadian and foreign companies approached their telecommunications operations. In this ad, you’ll discover what they did to help these big businesses develop new business strategies. The narrative discusses the developments that occurred after Norstrat and other Canadian companies joined. This is a fantastic tutorial on how to set up a productive think tank.

They developed a new underwater exploration technique based on satellite images to find out what areas are currently under the surface. Because the water pressure was so high, they were able to drill holes in these places without causing too much damage. Satellite images revealed the locations with the greatest potential for oil and gas resources. Norstraat created a technique based on this data that allowed oil firms to find additional potential oil and gas resources beneath the ocean floor. When Norstrat and other Canadian companies banded together in the 1990s to form a new offshore oil corporation, they didn’t expect to face many challenges in getting the project off the ground. However, after landing in the water, they find that everything has changed.

Interesting Chapter

This is an interesting chapter in Norstrat’s history. His first year was highly successful, but no official support was provided. However, they won contracts from several oil corporations to test their technology at sea. The tests went well, and the current government allowed them to continue testing so they could start manufacturing the product. If they secure the government money this year, they should be able to build the product and start manufacturing by the end of the current fiscal year.

The Main Objectives of the Company are as follows;

  1. Keep an eye on the support for promotions provided by the company
  2. Access to the Norstrat Security Team
  3. Help strategic partners achieve better PR.
  4. Offer internships to students in Canada’s top military and police institutions.
  5. Comprehensive marketing strategies to implement
  6. Give your company credibility.
  7. Inclusion of all Norstrat Marketing products, such as brochures, business cards, letterhead and more
  8. Employees are allowed to wear official Norstrat polos and shirts.
  9. A distinct identity in the Northern Strategy community to promote your business.
  10. What are the services offered by Norstrat Consulting?
  11. Norstrat provides a large network of services including Digital Marketing, Food & Beverage PR, Public Relations, Communication Improvement (SMO). These include but are not limited to:
  12. Project description and administrative support
  13. Strategic Business Development Training
  14. Recording and speech support
  15. Description of procurement strategy
  16. Description of performance requirements
  17. Memorandum to Cabinet
  18. Demonstrating story skills
  19. Strategic advice on one’s northern strategy campaign
  20. Marketing research, strategy, and identity design
  21. Digital Consulting

Norstrat has a strategic partnership with Hill & Knowlton Strategies that provides access to over 400 community service professionals. It has helped many top tier companies achieve their goals in a timely manner.

Additional Training Programs

It offers additional training programs including leadership programs, business training programs, franchising and entrepreneurship, and professional development workshops. These programs help trainees make informed decisions about whether they want to pursue a particular career or not. They stay abreast of the latest developments in their current field. They also help improve their soft skills with formal instruction and practical exercises. They are finally able to manage their time and work.

The company also offers a version of FINVIZ for people with language barriers, but there is plenty of content available in the free version for most people’s leagues. Norstrat uses technologies including jQuery Migrate, GoDaddy DNS, Google Font API, WordPress, etc. He developed a system that helped oil companies maximize oil and gas deposits beneath the ocean floor. The company also launched a new underwater search system that uses satellite imagery to better visualize target locations. It is currently in the process of initiating many private sector military productions. It has become an important infrastructure for public health personnel.

Where are Norstrat’s skills?

Norstrat has experience implementing a Scandinavian strategy, and has a close to zero error rate in business implementation and development. Now is the time to discover what Norstrat specializes in business development.

Business Development Skills:

Norstrat has been at the forefront of business development as it has succeeded in expanding the federal government. They have creative and innovative work strategies and receive comprehensive management development.

Project Management Mkills

Norstrat has been involved and successfully used in many different projects over the years, making them experts in project management.

As a Targeted Investment Plan

Norstrat completed the Radarsat and Radarsat II constellation missions and achieved success in coastal defense aircraft, making him an expert on targeted investment projects.

These are the areas in which they have expertise and they also offer various training programs such as leadership development programs, professional development workshops, business coaching programs, and framework coaching programs.

The company also offers a language-accessible version of FINVIZ, but for most competitions, there is much more content available in the free version. Norstrat uses technologies such as jQuery Migrate, GoDaddy DNS, Google Font API, WordPress, etc. It has developed a system that has helped oil companies extract as much oil and gas resources from the ocean floor as possible.

The company also introduced a new underwater search system that uses satellite images to better locate targets.

Why Norstrat Consulting is proud?

With the help of several other prominent people, Lee Carson started a vessel called Norstrat in 1988. For example, John Ritter is one of the most famous members of the group. Public relations, political affairs, and brand strategy are the core of Norstrat’s strategic consulting practice. Creative solutions to unsolvable problems have been delivered to guests by Norstrat once 20 times.

With his chops, Norstrat has shaped some of the world’s most famous businesses and associations. As a result of its expansion, the company now employs a large number of people. He is an expert in various fields. These include marketing strategy, public affairs, government relations, and exploration and intelligence services.

Lee Carson

Since its founding in 1988, Lee Carson has led Norstrat Consulting, a former lead advisor to Canada’s Department of National Treasury. With its success in the telecom and IT business in North America, it has become a successful brand. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OTOE) by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his contribution to Canadian telecommunications. His breakthrough was when Bell Canada hired him as a telecom advisor, and he served as a consultant on dispatches and technical challenges.

Consulting Company

Therefore, it is easy to see why a consulting company like Norstrat would seek the support of an independent exploration association to develop an effective strategy for their guest businesses. As a result. Carson established a collaboration with the Pacific Research Institute, Inc. (PRI), a think tank based in Berkeley, California. As part of his mission, he aimed to work with companies on the frontier of the information age to develop slice-edge communications technology. As a result, they anticipate that their hard work will help their guests and, in turn, increase their guests’ profits.

Services for Account Planning and Development

  1. Services provided by advertising agencies, such as market research analytical tools. For example, you get the NPD Group Brand Metrics software platform.
  2. The metric will compare marketing activities with sales performance which is one of the foundations of good business. This will ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the impact on business indicators.
  3. Norstraat helps in the development of creative strategy. One of the most important aspects of Norstrat’s creative approach is its unique Creative Briefing Center. Simply put, customers can create and edit their messaging before distributing it to Norstrat’s key partners.

Norstrat‘s objectives for business are:

  1. Provide sustainable results that will last for a long time.
  2. Provide high quality services to meet customer expectations.
  3. To keep businesses up-to-date on the latest trends.
  4. To ensure that every client is happy with the services.
  5. To provide continuous guidance to customers.
  6. To facilitate effective communication with clients.
  7. To help businesses expand and grow in size.
  8. To help businesses realize their full potential.

Financial Services and Advice

Norstrat is a consulting firm that has helped leading clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, the Government of Canada, and National Bank of Canada by providing excellent financial services and advice.

They are also equipped with knowledge and experience in financial services organizations and pharmaceutical companies to provide innovative solutions tailored to client needs. The company has a number of expert consultants who will help you in any way you can with financial matters and applying for government programs.

Advertising Agency Services

The brand metrics software system from NPD Group that we already mentioned gives you tools for marketing analysis. These tools can help you measure customer response to your campaigns and determine where improvements are needed.

Users agree to use these tools and Norstrat Inc. are free to apply for a grant from, which partners with a number of different nonprofit organizations.

What changes can Norstrat bring to your business?

Norstrat Consulting can benefit your business in a variety of ways. They offer many options and strategies that can help you handle various tasks. Whether you just need a solid strategy or public relations or government relations consulting, Norstrat has you covered.

Norstrat Clients

As we’ve already mentioned, Norstrat works with clients in both the public and private sectors to contribute to Canada’s Northern Strategy. Here are some examples of companies that Norstrat works with, as this can give you a better idea of ​​whether or not you need their services.

  1. L-3 Ocean Systems
  2. L-3 MAS (by H+K)
  3. Kailyn (via H+K)
  4. L-3 MariPro
  5. Kraken Sonar Systems
  6. Macdonald Detooler
  7. General Dynamics Canada
  8. Deloitte
  9. Cassidian
  10. Canadian Light Source (by H+K)
  11. Babcock (via H+K)
  12. Hill+Knowlton Canada
  13. Raytheon Canada Support Services
  14. Northwest (by H+K)
  15. Northrop Grumman (via H+K)
  16. Canadian Space Agency (via Deloitte)
  17. Canadian Coast Guard
  18. Astrium SAS
  19. Alpha sites
  20. Acre solution
  21. Airbus Defense and Space

Does Norstrat only work in Canada?

Norstrat is known for providing details on the safety risks associated with underwater exploration. They offer comprehensive data on offshore gas and oil exploration.

They use their technology to provide information on potential threats and thus, enable you to strategize for the future. It is used all over the world including Asia, North America, Europe and Africa.

Norstrat is a leading firm in Canada and the United States in underwater exploration. They offer a wide range of services, including damaged aircraft, missing cargo, and disaster identification. Identifying criminal activities such as illegal fishing, human trafficking, and drug trafficking. They also help detect environmental crimes. In addition, they provide information about security threats such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

Additional training that Norstrat provides

Norstrat ensures that its operations adhere to NORSTRAT guidelines. Norstrat Group of Companies is dedicated to offering our partners additional services beyond consulting services. It has established the following programs as part of its commitment. Annual security meetings, which allow members to collaborate, discuss best practices and network with security experts from various fields.

Members can receive customized training from our skilled business, financial, and physical security professionals, selected for their experience with the Edmonton Police Services, RCMP National Security Programs, and Canadian Special Forces units. A dedicated relationship with a NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated security expert who will work with our partners to resolve any security issues. Exclusive savings on NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated’s business, financial, and physical security solutions not available in the retail market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Norstrat

  1. What exactly does Norstrat do?

Norstrat Consulting Incorporated is a consulting firm that specialises in providing technology and business solutions.

  1. Where is Norstrat located?

NORSTRAT is based in Ottawa, to coordinate with many federal government departments and agencies with northern responsibilities and jurisdictions.

  1. How does Norstrat help its customers?

They serve their clients by making educated decisions and implementing innovative strategies to help them meet their goals and achieve their business objectives.

  1. How long has Norstrat been around?

Norstrat has been around since 1988. It is used by businesses to obtain consulting services in Canada.

  1. What are some of the benefits of working with Norstrat?

Working in a large organization has benefits such as broad expertise, name recognition, and others, all of which can benefit your career.


A group of Canadian Armed Forces veterans, personnel, and northern business executives formed the NORSTRAT Group of Enterprises. Norstrat Consulting Inc. is the consulting arm of the Norstrat Group of Companies. NORSTRAT is charged with providing advisory services to government agencies responsible for implementing the Northern Strategy. The Norstrat Group of Companies is in the process of contracting with a number of private sector military manufacturing, research and development companies to build weapons, equipment, and logistics support for the Canadian Armed Forces, a major client of NORSTRAT Consulting. NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was founded in 2010 by a group of former Canadian Armed Forces officers and personnel with the goal of fostering collaboration.