Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Water Chestnuts

Water Chestnut Sustenance Realities

These sustenance records are provided by USDA for four uncooked water nuts Health (36.5g).

Water chestnut jars are more normal in the Join States than uncooked.


A half-cup of canned water chestnuts contains nine grams of starches. Carbs Health comprise starch and fiber.

Research on the glycemic upsides of water chestnuts was not mentioned in clinical writing.

The glycemic heap of water chestnuts can’t be worked out.


Water chestnuts are liberated from fats.


Just a modest quantity of protein is tracked down in crude water chestnuts. Your everyday admission should be supplemente with different sources.

Nutrients and Minerals

A half cup of cannd water chestnuts contains 2% of the day to day L-ascorbic acid worth and 5% for iron.


Uncook water chestnuts have 35 calories while a portion of a cup cann water chestnuts Health contains 50 calories.

Medical advantages

While it’s far-fetched that we will polish off huge amounts of water chestnuts to receive their nourishing rewards, Health researchers keep on exploring the cell reinforcement properties of water chestnuts.

Battle Aggravation

Water chestnuts contain elevated degrees of cancer prevention agents. They are likewise wealthy in cell reinforcements, Health including fisetin (a type of diosmetin) and water chestnuts’ strip.

Give filling fiber

High fiber water chestnuts has serious medical advantages.

May Lower Stroke Chance

One cup of water chestnuts gives 7% of your day to day potassium consumption

Fodmaps low

Low-FODMAP feasts (fermentable di-, mono-and fermentable oligo-saccharides) can be useful for individuals with Crohn’s infection or peevish gut condition.

This is a sort sugar.

A water chestnut isn’t generally a nut, so it’s protected to eat. Assuming that you have side effects like tingling or expanding in your mouth subsequent to eating water chestnuts, if it’s not too much trouble, counsel your PCP.

Water Chestnut Sustenance Real factors

Containers of water chestnuts in the US are considerably more normal than uncook.


Around nine grams of carbs are track down in a half-cup of cann water chestnuts.

The clinical composing referenc no assessment concerning the glycemic worth of water chestnuts.

Likewise, the glycemic load can’t be determin.

Water chestnuts can be view as dull vegetables.

For men’s clinical issues, you can take Tadalista 20mg or Tadalista40mg.


Water chestnuts contain no fats.

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Rough water chestnuts contain only a follow proportion of protein. You ought to improve your everyday confirmation with various sources.

Supplements and Minerals

A piece of some cannd water chestnuts offers 2% of the everyday advantage of L-ascorbic corrosive, and 5% of the everyday expense for iron.

Water chestnuts are moreover rich in potassium, manganese and calcium as well as vitamin B6.


Uncook water chestnuts contain 35 calories, while a part of some cann water chestnuts has 50 calories.


Water caltrops can without much of a stretch deal with water chestnuts (Eleocharisdulcis), likewise known by Chinese water chestnuts.

Trapa Natans, otherwise called tuberous, oceanic veggies, can be effectively anxious by water caltrops.

At the point when it is at its ideal

You can purchase entire water chestnuts or cann water chestnuts.

Food handling and Stockpiling

Use uncook, clean water chestnuts that have smooth, unwrinkl, and unwrinkl skin.

Keep unopen water chestnut jars in a cool, dry spot. Refrigerate any water chestnut jars that are in their unique compartments.

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