Oneweb 400m Hugheslundentechcrunch

Oneweb 400m Hugheslundentechcrunch

OneWeb, an American based satellite internet company, has recently announced a major funding round of $400 million. This investment was jointly led by the satellite giant Hughes and the venture capital firm LundenTech. This major funding round is sure to propel the company’s growth and enable its mission of providing satellite internet access to even more parts of the world.

Overview of OneWeb

OneWeb is a company that is striving to bring satellite internet access to people around the world. It was founded by Greg Wyler in 2012, and has since raised over $2 billion in investments from various sources. The company has launched over 600 low-Earth orbit satellites and is planning to launch an additional 3,000 satellites to provide global coverage.

Hughes and LundenTech Investment

The recent investment round of $400 million was jointly led by Hughes and LundenTech. Hughes is a satellite communications company that is owned by EchoStar, a multinational telecommunications company. LundenTech is a venture capital firm that has invested in a variety of technology companies, including SpaceX and Uber.

Impact of the Investment

This investment will help OneWeb continue to expand its satellite internet service to more parts of the world. The funding will also help the company develop new technologies, such as its low-Earth orbit satellites, to further enhance its services. Additionally, this investment could help the company reach its goal of providing internet access to up to 3 billion people by 2025.

Challenges Ahead

OneWeb’s mission is not without its challenges. The company faces competition from other satellite internet providers, such as SpaceX’s Starlink. Additionally, OneWeb’s satellites are also vulnerable to space debris, which can cause damage and disrupt service.


OneWeb’s recent funding round is a major milestone for the company and will help propel its mission of providing satellite internet access to more parts of the world. The investment from Hughes and LundenTech will also help the company develop new technologies to further enhance its services. However, the company still faces a number of challenges, such as competition and space debris, that it will need to overcome if it is to succeed in its mission.