Performing dangerous stunts for InstaRails cost the young man dearly

Performing dangerous stunts for InstaRails cost the young man dearly

The obsession to create unique and dangerous reels landed the young man in the hospital bed.

Be it tik tok videos or insta-reels, the youth want to show something new in the race to outdo each other.

something like that happened in the Indian city of Telangana yesterday. When a young man was brought to hospital in critical condition.

he was injured while recording a short video ‘reel’ for social media platform Instagram.

According to Indian media reports, 11th grader Akshay Munifed was recording on the railway tracks to make a unique train.

he wanted to have a train running in the background.

Young Akshay’s stunt fails when he is hit by a train and jumps to the other side.
As a result of the accident, the young man was seriously injured and was immediately shifted to a local hospital. Akshay is still under treatment in the hospital.

According to Indian media, the craze for making Instagram reels and taking selfies in dangerous places is increasing day by day, as a result of which young men and women are brought to the hospital in an injured condition.

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