A Best Online Company Raven Gadgets Outdoor TV Antennas with Advantages

Raven Gadgets Outdoor TV Antennas

Raven Gadget is one of the best online TV antenna retailers in the market which provides best gadgets in an affordable price and Raven Gadget is also considered as a one stop online retailer from where the people can buy all their required gadgets from here. They do not need to go anywhere else to buy other gadget because this online retailer provides all the basic gadgets in one place and also in affordable price. If you are interested to buy any kind of gadget for your purpose then you should visit Raven Gadget TV antenna’s so that you can get your favourite gadget at Raven Gadgets.

There are many benefits of online shopping because you can receive your favourite product at your door just because of delivery facility which is provided by the online stores. You can also get your delivery at your home if you want to buy a gadget or TV antenna from Raven Gadgets. Online shopping progress is boosting in the modern era and it provides comfort to the people who are buying their favourite products in a best price.

Saving time and money is also a best thing near a person who is interested in online shopping. You can order your product from an online store or app and you will receive your product at your door with a fast delivery. Raven Gadgets are also best online services for those people who are interested to buy different kind of gadgets or TV antenna and the provides are best on Raven gadgets. If we make online shopping, it is safe to do because there is no scam or fraud while making online shopping. It is safe for every its user so that a user can do shopping in a best way and enjoy his shopping too. For the safety of the users, Raven is a best online company which provides several best quality gadgets for their use. Here in this article, our main topic is outdoor TV antennas for the people, we will discuss several best outdoor and indoor antennas. The specifications and the features of outdoor or indoor antennas will be discussed in this article so that the reader can get authentic knowledge about their favourite TV antennas. For gaining useful information, you just need to read this whole article with great attention so that you can get all the points which are related to the outdoor or indoor TV antennas.

1. Raven Gadget Ultra HD Antenna

There are many Raven gadgets TV antennas and this one is one of the top TV antenna for its users to fulfil their purpose. This TV antenna is considered as one of the best Raven gadget Ultra HD antenna as compare to other because it is at the top of the list. This TV antenna also contains several features which we will mention in this section as well as the specifications of this TV antenna will also be discussed here so the people who are buying such kind of best TV antennas can get basic features of their TV antennas. The design of this TV antenna is also best and it is attractive which is liked by most of the people that is the main reason of its selling in the market. A person can purchase this TV antenna from an online company named Raven Gadgets by saving time and money.

Specifications of Raven Gadget Ultra HD Antenna

There are several things which are in this TV antenna need to be known for a user, which are as follows;

The specification range of this TV antenna is nearly 60 Miles which is best near its user. There are also 48+ channels which are received in this antenna so that the user can get all their channels. There are almost two tested areas which are named Miami and FL, in this TV antenna, there is also an option of amplifier. In this TV antenna, there is also an option of detachable cable and if we talk about the price of this Raven Gadget TV antenna, its price is $60 which is affordable price to buy for anyone. Anyone can purchase it according to their budget plan so that it can be purchased by anyone in order to fulfil their purposes. There are many other gadgets are available on Raven Gadgets online company except TV antennas.


  1. There are few of the advantages are explained in the following:
  2. There are few advantages of this TV antenna which are as follows:
  3. The price of this TV antenna is low and which is affordable by anyone.
  4. It is rated as one of the best TV antenna which can be purchased online to save time.
  5. There is a mounting hardware included in this TV antenna.
  6. There is no need of cable TV or no need of any satellite TV subscription while using this TV antenna.
  7. There are adhesive patches are included in this antenna which are easy to mount.
  8. The range of this TV antenna is extended which is best near its users.

2. Raven M1 High-Gain 200 Mile Antenna

In the second number, there is another best TV antenna which also has some advantages and best working. The upgraded M1 device lets you receive TV broadcast tower signals from multiple directions without having to rotate the antenna. It doesn’t matter if it’s a strong TV station signal from nearby stations or distant stations. Best of all, it is an indoor HDTV antenna as well as an outdoor TV antenna that can be mounted on any wall. One of the problems some people have with modern outdoor antennas for home TV is that they tend to break from too much outdoor exposure. The Raven M1 model is a 200 mile range antenna made of durable plastic so no worries about rust, or other antenna damaging elements not seen in many outdoor TV antennas.

This antenna is designed for consumers looking for an inexpensive antenna to watch more shows and can be used both indoors. So for example, if you’re in an apartment, if you decide to buy a house later, you can use the same antenna and put it outside without buying a new one. Or if you have a mobile home, you can place the antenna inside when you’re in labor and outside when you’re not. Any TV with a built-in tuner or an external tuner will work. HDTV channels vary from zip code to zip code and depend on which station is broadcasting closest to you. Larger antennas may be able to pick up more frequencies that are available in different nearby zip codes. You may find that a short-range outdoor antenna connects you to only a few channels. By extending this reach with the Raven M1, you can pick up over 100+ watchable channels within a 200 mile range.,A way to see what antennas and settings you need to invest in is to use AntennaWEB for channels available in your neighborhood. Type in your zip code or address, and the site will give you an estimate of how many channels you’ll be able to connect to and the cost.

Based on our tests, the Raven antennas seem to outperform most of the competition. Here is a list of other antennas we have also compared our antenna to and while the following antennas are good, they do not measure up to the performance of the Raven antenna.

Specifications of Raven M1 High-Gain 200 Mile Antenna are as follows:

The specification range of this TV antenna is nearly 200 miles and there are more than 100 channels received to a user. Miami and FL are two tested areas where these TV antennas are performed as a test. The reception of this outdoor TV antenna is 1080p and also 4k reception provided to the users. The price of this outdoor TV antenna is $80 which can also be purchased by anyone according to their budget plan.


There are few advantages are mentioned in the following section just to help those who want to buy a best outdoor TV antenna:

  1. This TV antenna can be as an indoor TV antenna or outdoor TV antenna.
  2. It mounts to any wall or attic which is best near the users.
  3. There is no signal strength meter needed which is also great near its users.
  4. There are many more channels by using this TV antenna.

3. Mohu Leaf 50

We went ahead and tested the omni-directional Mohu Leaf 50 indoor HDTV antenna and while it’s not the best TV antenna, it can still get the job done. The construction of the antenna seems to be very rugged and it is not cheap but nevertheless some users have complained that the antenna does not work in their area and this may be due to interference where most antennas fail.


The specifications of Mohu Leaf 50 are as follows:

There is a 60+ miles specifications range provided by this TV antenna and there are more than 20 channels received with an area tested of Miami and FL. The cable length of this TV antenna is almost 16 feet with a 4k HD reception with 1080p reception too. The price of this TV antenna is almost $70 and there is a facility of purchasing it from an online store like Raven Gadgets.


There are few advantages of Mohu Leaf 50 best outdoor TV antenna which will help you to choose a best ever outdoor TV antenna which are mentioned as follows:

  1. There is a strong build quality that it provides to its users
  2. It is easily mounted and it can also be attached to a window.
  3. This TV antenna has a removable coax cable cord which is best for a user.

4. Direct ClearStream Eclipse Outdoor TV Antenna

Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse is a non-amplified indoor antenna with a cooler design than most digital TV antennas but the performance ratio doesn’t look good for a ClearStream Eclipse antenna.

When we scanned with the antenna Direct Clearstream, it did not pick up as many channels as other competing antennas. For $40, I would expect this antenna to perform better than a cheaper antenna but it doesn’t seem to.mAlso, keep in mind that if you have multiple TVs you will need to purchase an antenna for each of them. So having 4 TVs means you’ll spend $160, making the Raven antenna a much better value as well.


There are few things which are as follows:

The specifications range of this TV antenna is almost thirty-five miles with a channel received of more than 16 and there are two areas which are tested named Miami and FL. It is a cheap TV antenna, it can be purchased in a price range of $40 which is affordable.


  1. There are many users are happy with the performance of this TV antenna.
  2. This is easy to build and mounted to a window and also easily be attached to a window.


Raven Gadget is one of the best online company which provides several best gadgets to the users and it is a time saving process. The user can save their time by purchasing online shopping and they can get any kind of product in an affordable price. There are several TV antennas are explained in this article only for those people who are interested and want to buy a best TV antenna. For this purpose, a detailed knowledge must require and for this purpose we explained all the necessary things of a best TV antenna so that the people who are buying these kind of best outdoor TV antennas. Each TV antenna has several advantages which are also mentioned and the specifications of every TV antenna also has been explained in this article so that you will know each and every thing about a best TV antenna.