The Design, Performance and Many More Things about Pixel Slate M3

Pixel Slate M3

The Pixel Slate is a tablet running ChromeOS with a 12.3-inch display developed by Google. Google developed it and then released it on October 9, 2018 through a Google event and then Google announced that it will no longer be developing any more product lines after launching the Pixel Slate m3. Google also cancelled two of its models while they were still in development.

Earlier this month, Google officially discontinued the Celeron model of the Google Pixel slate, effectively making the $799 Intel Core Pixel Slate m3 model the new base model. So, is the Core M3-powered Pixel slate really worth picking up? I have spent the last few days searching.

We’ll have a full review of the Pixel Slate m3 in the near future to talk about how the product has improved over the past few months since its launch and our full review. However, it’s worth arguing about the new base Pixel Slate m3 model now that it’s the cheapest option available, and that means talking about performance.

Pixel Slate m3

In my personal opinion, I don’t think the Pixel Slate m3 is worth its asking price anytime soon. The $600 price point was compelling, but at $800, with any keyboard around $1000, I’d much more quickly recommend the Pixelbook or Lenovo C630 to someone looking to get work done. For those who need a tablet form factor, it’s really hard to tell anyone to buy it over an iPad, especially given the improvements that came with “iPadOS.”

The Pixel Slate m3 is a product that will never have true mass appeal, but it’s basically perfect for the right consumer. This is someone who constantly jumps between work environments. They need a device that can be docked to a monitor and keyboard, available on the go, and while they’re moving around a workplace. For this user, there is literally nothing better than the Pixel Slate.

The Pixel Slate m3 looks better than what we saw from the Celeron model, and it’s a much better base model for Google to advertise. If the price were lowered to, say, $100, it would be a much more compelling device. If you’re interested in picking one up, the Pixel Slate m3 is available on the Google Store, B&H Photos, and Amazon.

Pixel Slate M3 Performance

Most of my time with this machine was spent using it as a desktop replacement, often connected to another monitor for work. In my day-to-day workflow, the machine saw the better part of a dozen tabs open, constant Spotify web app tunes playing, and the occasional use of an Android app or two.

For the most part, the machine maintains this. Tabs rarely need to be reloaded, but I often return to a brief blank screen. Sometimes when reloading pages, I also noticed that Spotify would randomly stop playback. In comparison, the same workflow on the Pixelbook, which also has 8GB, doesn’t cause me the same problems. More than likely, this is a bottleneck with the M3 chipset.

For shorter workflows, though, the PIxel Slate m3 excels. As I write this piece with only a handful of tabs open and no secondary monitor plugged in, the machine handles it like a champ with no lag to mention. I spent some time with the device as just a tablet and the performance there is more than adequate. I’m still not a fan of Chrome OS without a keyboard and mouse, but the machine handled web browsing and Android apps without a hitch.

Between the upgraded processor and the software improvements from Google, the Pixel Slate m3 is competent as a tablet, it’s still not great.

Pros of Pixel Slates

There are several advantages of Pixel Slate m3 that we are going to discuss in this section which will help you to know deeply about Pixel Slate m3. It has several things that are best near people like, battery of Pixel Slate m3 and in kts advantages, we will discuss about camera quality of it.

  1. Response to affective contact
  2. 2-in-1
  3. Battery life and charging
  4. Excellent camera quality
  5. The software is well optimized.
  6. Easy to carry

Cons of Pixel Slates

In the following section, there are some disadvantages of Pixel Slate m3 so that you will be aware about its cons. There are only two cons like accessories and about its processor that are as follows:

  1. Accessories not included.
  2. Broad with a Core i7 processor and accessories for laptops also increase your costs.

Google Pixel Slate M3 Review

Google is not a very famous hardware company. It is one of the most famous companies in the world. Now everyone who is using a mobile phone, laptop or computer has a Google application on their smartphone. Now in this era of time Google has become a need of people.

So, today here we are reviewing Google Pixel Slate M3. As I mentioned earlier Google is not known for its hardware products but still it maintains an above average rating on this product.

Pixel Slate’s Display

The Pixel Slate m3 with a quality of 2-in-1 tablet or laptop comes with a 12.3 inch LCD display with a resolution of 3000×2000. Additionally, color accuracy, contrast, and 400nits of brightness are all fine. Also, the touch response rate is impressive it works without any lag. The screen orientation quickly changes from portrait to landscape and vice versa.  As it is based on a Chrome OS, so you will have ease of browsing.

Moreover, it is a molecular display and with Pixelbook Pen support you can do your tasks more easily. It has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to protect the display.

The Design of Pixel Slate m3

In this section, we are going to discuss the magnificent design which is also important near its users. The design of Google Pixel Slate m3 is sleek and thin. This tab is very light in weight so it is easy to carry and use. Moreover, the build quality is impressive with the anodized aluminum body. Google has not compromised on quality here on this tablet. In portrait, the Pixel slate has a power key on the right side of the Pixel Slate m3 just behind the camera lens.

This tablet is available only in midnight blue color. In landscape view at the top center, this tablet has a camera lens. Moving on to the backside design, the back of the tablet features a single camera lens in the portrait upper right corner and, directly below, the Google branding. Moreover, the corners of the tablet look glossy and the body color of this laptop gives a minimal look.

Base of Pixel Slates

When we go to the performance department, this laptop comes with 3 different CPUs. But here we are talking about the Core Pixel Slate m3 which is the base of the slate series. The top two versions of this series come with Core i5 and i7 processors. The Core i5 is pretty decent at around $850 but the Core i7 is worthless. Because it cost you more than $1450. Plus when you add an external pad to convert it into a laptop view, the total cost of this tablet is over $1550. This is not a fair price because in this budget you can buy a powerful laptop or iPad with great performance and real value for money. This device cannot beat the iPad in the performance department. iPad comes with 120Hz display this tablet also comes with excellent display but not 120Hz.

Price of Pixel Slate

But you can consider the base variant which costs around $800. But if the price was $100 less, that would be the actual value of the money. The Pixel Slate m3 Core comes with the Pixel Slate m3 8gen which gives you pretty good performance.

Additionally, it has Chrome OS which is a product of Google, so you will get the latest updates on time. The UI of Chrome OS looks good when you are on tablet it looks like Android and in laptop mode, it looks like windows. Multi-window and split-screen mode will make multitasking easier, as well as collaboration apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. If you want the best gaming laptop under $500 you can check it out.

Battery Life of Pixel Slate

Now its time to discuss about the battery of Pixel Slate m3 that is one of the important thing in Pixel Slate m3. In the battery department, this tablet can give you quite impressive performance. As it comes with 48Whr battery capacity. It can give you more than 12 hours on a single charge as advertised by the company. The battery will last almost a full day. So, overall you can say that this laptop is decent in battery department.

Pixel Slate’s Connectivity

The m3 has two USB C ports for charging, a 4K screen output, fast data transfer, and an accessory connector for the Pixel Slate m3 keyboard. No need to charge or connect.

Camera Quality of Pixel Slate m3

The cameras of this tablet are very impressive and you can take good pictures. As with other Google products, the camera software is also well-optimized. Cameras have 8-megapixel lenses and can record up to 1080p video at 30fps. Google should improve the video quality here as 1080p is not suitable. But when we talk about the results that are amazing.

A Pixel Slate’s Reasonable Choice

The Pixel Slate m3 was a real value for money if it was a bit less than the original price. But still, you can consider Core Pixel Slate m3 which can be a reasonable choice considering its price and performance. There is no doubt that the tablet is well refined and good in performance but it still needs some improvements which we have mentioned in the review above.

Is it worth buying?

When it comes to the Pixel Slate m3’s performance, I think consumers are getting a worthy product. This works well enough for most tasks, but anything beyond a relatively basic workflow is going to call for a significantly heavier model.

Different Ideas about Pixel Slate m3

For the past several days I’ve been using the Pixel Slate m3 as my first experience with the product, so I’ve also got some thoughts on the overall hardware. As mentioned, stay tuned for a full review from Stephen Hall coming soon. I don’t miss 120Hz from my iPad Pro 10.5, although the slate’s size is a bit awkward to use as a tablet.

  1. Google fixed the audio experience on this product. The front speakers are clear, full and loud. Also, they actually face you directly. It’s a huge improvement over the Pixelbook, though it lacks a bit of bass from Apple’s iPad.
  2. The Pixel Slate m3’s official keyboard accessory is such a mixed bag. Even when used on a tabletop, the round keys dramatically kill my typing speed and accuracy, although I’m slowly adjusting to it. Those negatives aside, the key travel, responsive trackpad, and adjustable angle are all major highlights. I’d recommend giving Bridge Keyboard a chance first, though.
  3. Battery life seems pretty good. I never actually killed the device using the charger, even one day when I was running a second monitor with no power plugged in. Another noteworthy test came from using the device primarily as a tablet for video where it easily ran for about 6. Hours on barely half a charge while streaming video and music at full volume.


The Pixel Slate m3 has been released by Google with several advantages like it has a best battery life that it provides to its users. It has magnificent design that attracted the people and it is the main reason, most of the people liked it. The connectivity and the camera quality of this tablet is so awesome and it has a very impressive camera result. The Pixel Slate m3 is refined and also in good performance that are also liked by its users.