The Reasons for Liking and Disliking i7 Windows Laptops

i7 Windows Laptops

Intel Core i7 processors are important for laptops and these processors are available in a market. The performance, the working and the features of core i7 Windows laptop are great and many users are impressed by features and performance of i7 Windows laptop. It is a latest version of laptops as compare to core i3 or core i5, that’s why, Core i7 Windows laptops are best to use. There are different laptops are available for i7 Windows laptop that we will describe in this article.

The best i7 Windows Laptops

There are many laptops are available for i7 Windows containing different kind of features. You should buy these laptops because these laptops are best and provide excellent performance. The excellent performance provided by the i7 Windows help the people to do their work in a quick way. It saves a lot of time for a user while a user works on i7 Windows laptop because i7 Windows laptop provides fast speed. With the help of this laptop, you can improve different kind of things like you can improve your writing skills or typing skills, you can learn many things by using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. Dell XPS 13 Plus

There are many of the laptops are available which are best for providing excellent performance to the users and here Dell XPS 13 Plus i7 Windows laptop will be discussed in detail. Dell XPS 13 Plus is a laptop which provides superb display to its users and also it provides cutting-edge specs. The keyboard of this laptop is comfortable and provide excellent performance to users. Now if we talk about the design of this i7 Windows laptop, the design of this laptop is fresh and innovative design. The most of the users are impressed by the innovative design of Dell XPS 13 Plus. There are two disadvantages of this i7 Windows laptop i.e. it is expensive to purchase and the battery life of this laptop is not good to run for a long time. If you buy this laptop then your budget should be high and you should bear the battery problem also because it does not provide long-lasting battery life.

  1. Dell XPS 13

It is a favorite laptop for everyone because of its performance and features because people like its performance. Performance is a thing which is considered by most of the users because it affects most in working. If a laptop does not provide good performance to its user then user not like a laptop because a user needs a laptop which provide good performance. But if we talk about Dell XPS 13 i7 Windows laptop then it is favorite for everyone because it is according to the users’ requirement. This i7 Windows laptop is little bit similar as if we compare it to Dell XPS 13 Plus laptop. The dell XPS 13 plus laptop is a latest version of this i7 Windows laptop named Dell XPS 13 and that’s why, there are few things similar between these two i7 Windows laptops. The battery life of this laptop is awesome and runs for a long time but here is a disadvantage of this laptop is that it is expensive to buy. Not everyone can afford this laptop due to the financial problems because this laptop is not in affordable price.

  1. Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3 is a best laptop for students because it helps students to complete their tasks or assignments and it is also a i7 Windows laptop. This i7 Windows laptop has different kind of advantages and because of these advantages, it is included in one of the best i7 Windows laptop. This laptop is highly portable laptop and it also has an excellent multitasker which helps students in their working purposes. It is an ideal choice for a student because the students can use it in a convenient way. It only has a disadvantage that it has average speakers to listen any kind of music.

  1. HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360 is another name of i7 Windows laptop which is also best in working and give best performance. It has an incredible 3:2 display provided to the users with a Webcam privacy shutter. It is expensive laptop if you have high budget then you should buy this i7 Windows laptop and another disadvantage is that it has no LTE option. Like other laptops, this laptop is also best i7 Windows laptop which provides good performance to users.

  1. Razer Blade 15

This is a i7 Windows laptop and many of the users use this laptop for doing their office and other kind of work. It is beneficial laptop for all the kind of working as a user wants to do with this i7 windows laptop. You can play games on this i7 Windows laptop because it is best option for playing different kind of games. It has some advantages that we will discuss are here so that you will get all information about Razer Blade 15 laptop. It will help you when you will go for i7 Windows laptop to buy and you will be able to buy a best one after reading this beneficial article. It is an article where you can get all the information about different i7 Windows laptops. Razer Balde 15 laptop provides best gaming performance and that is why, most of the users choose this laptop because of its superb performance. The display of this laptop is a wide variety and this advantage liked by most of the users of Razer Blade 15 laptop. It has a great trackpad and it also contains strong portion selection which will help the users.


The i7 Windows laptop are best working laptops which help the users in their working purposes. They provide good performance to the user so that the users can get all kind of information before buying a laptop that is why, i7 Windows laptop are most demanding laptops in a market.