Tips to Choose Ideal Customize Lash Packaging for Your Brand’s Popularity

eyelash packaging

‘What is seen is sold. This common phrase holds the gist of the retail products’ marketing area. If you are a beauty product seller facing drop-down sales, then check if your packaging is up to par. Customers are more attracted to buying what pleases their eyes. 

Suppose you sell eyelashes; nobody will bet an eye if they are stored in simple brown boxes, but fancy packaging will force girls to try your product with zeal. Hence, we can not deny the power of a good packaging strategy. Moreover, you can customize the boxes according to your brand with the freedom of putting colors and designs of your choice. The brand logo addition will provide an identity to your product. 

This article discusses some important things to consider while ordering custom eyelash packaging to benefit retailers who are entirely fresh to this idea. Let’s get started. 

Things to Look For While Selecting Custom Logo Eyelash Packaging 

The foremost worthy aspect of ordering lash box custom is the freedom of choosing colors and designs that go well with your brand’s look. Besides enhancing the fashion element, the personalized lash boxes protect the delicate lashes from dust while maintaining their high quality. 

Consider the below-mentioned tips to make a good decision for your brand. You will see a guaranteed boost in sales. 

Material of the Custom Logo Eyelash Packaging 

You can find varied types of lash boxes concerning their material. A few to name are rigid, cardstock, and corrugated. Let’s briefly overview these three widely used options.


  • Rigid: These are tough paperboards that enhance the durability of the product. You can choose from paper, leather, or fabric for pasting on the box’s exterior as a branding strategy. Although there is no doubt about their prolonged sustainability, they are a bit costly. Moreover, these boxes do not look vibrant enough to attract many customers.
  • Cardstock: This material is ideal for versatile use without costing retailers an arm and a leg. The cardstock boxes are decorated nicely, giving off colorful vibes. They will sureshot bring more customers to try lashes from your brand. However, you may get bound with limited color choices. But the freedom of adding beautiful designs overdo the con. You can also opt to decorate the personalized lash boxes with raised ink technology for a more deluxe exterior.
  • Corrugated: A simple brown box can never fulfil the purpose of boosting sales by pleasing the customer’s eye. Hence, we do not usually recommend corrugated boxes as there is not much room for decorating the lash box custom with this material. 

After deeply analyzing the three materials, we recommend you go for a custom logo eyelash packaging made of cardstock as it effectively serves two-in-one-purpose durability and attractiveness. 

There is more to the positive aspects of opting for cardstock-built customize lash packaging. You are putting your products on display in eco-friendly packaging, which will appeal to environmentally conscious youngsters. Moreover, you can feel self-contentment for contributing to the stability of your surroundings. 

Style of Custom Lash Packaging

After opting for a custom logo eyelash packaging material, comes the turn for its style. The lash box custom comes in multiple styles, including sleeves, two-piece cartons, or tuck end boxes.

  • Sleeve: This personalized lash boxes style comprises two parts; a tray that slide-ins in and a casing. It’s the casing where your brand’s logo and custom design sit. It is widely preferred for its exceptional design and double-fold lash protection capability.
  • Tuck-in boxes: These come in cylindrical square-shaped boxes with opposite openings. Many retailers use this style to pack beauty products for easy assembling. Moreover, a customized one will enhance the look of your personalized lash boxes shelves.
  • Two-piece cartons: The standard packaging style includes a base box with a perfectly fitting top lid. It is also equally durable and promotes convenient unpacking of the lashes. 


You are free to go for any design as all are equally strong to offer a required degree of protection for lashes and are easily customized. 

Final Verdict

Choosing custom lash packaging for your beauty shop is not a complicated task anymore. If followed, the two significant aspects will result in guaranteed sales boost. Your product will get its identity through a custom lash box with a brand logo. 

Moreover, the vibrant packaging attracts more customers to your product, making it a successful item in your shop. Switch to custom logo eyelash packaging now and see yourself the rate at which your business grows.