Top Training Video Production Companies -2022

Video Production Companies

We all are familiar with the fact that training a team is a highly challenging task. Why so? Well, as the human attention span rate is decreasing it becomes difficult to hold the attention of individuals for long time and trainings can be pretty long and people often get bored and lose interest.

But there’s one and only solution that you can try out in such a case and that is using a training video. Whether you want to demonstrate the deployment of a new product or service, teach new skills to employee, using video is the best way to go about it.

Training videos not only saves the time and energy managers have to spend on training their employees. Moreover, videos also help in improving the productivity, marketing products and services and employee capabilities.

But here comes the main question, how can you make a training video for your business? Don’t worry, just look for the best video production company, that’s all!

If you’re all set to produce a training video for your company you should know that only the professional training video production agencies can make creative and unique videos.

So, if you’re in search for an innovative and experienced training video production company, then you have landed in the right place.

Today in this blog, we have listed some of the top-ranking training video production agencies.

So, let’s check them out without wasting any more time.


BuzzFlick stands among the top animation companies in the industry. Though it’s an animation studio but they have successfully created some of the most amazing training videos to date.

They produce informative and appealing animated training videos that not only engages your employees but educate them as well.

Do you know what’s the best thing about them? Well, they collaborate very closely with the clients. They do this so they can understand their approach, structure, and tone.

If you’re all set to create training videos for your business, then choose BuzzFlick. We can assure you that they can create outstanding educational videos.

Content Beta

Another amazing video production company on our list is Content Beta. The best thing about them is they have the competence to transform minor details into an enticing video.

They have the competence to work with any industry because they understand the point that every customer comes with different needs and expectations.

Also, their pricing plans are budget-friendly and the turn-around-time is super-fast. All of the training videos they have produced have something unique in them and they ensure to explain complex ideas in simple and comprehensible manner.

Video Fresh

Next up, is subscription-based video production company – Video Fresh. This is a team of passionate creative heads who focuses on creating inventive videos that educates and entertain.

In the US video production market, this agency has built its place very well. It’s stands as the most trusted and reliable video production agency. These professionals create high-quality and interactive instructional and training videos for businesses.

 Talking about the pricing, well the have something for everyone. The subscription plan is highly affordable and varies on the number of days you signed up for the subscription.

Foundation Digital Media

We all know the only and the best way to build long-term and good relationship with employees is to give them new opportunities and help them learn their dream skills.

You can do this easily with a training video and Foundation Digital Media can help you with it.

It’s another well-recognized video production company that creates result-oriented, compelling, and interactive videos which can help you connect with your audience on the next level. They make videos that advocate, educate, and inspire people.

This training video production company stands among the top and there are a few reasons behind it. First of all, they ask all the right questions, next up they scrap additional details related to your business, and lastly, they find ways through which they can help you get the desired results.


Wyzowl is popularly known as an educational video production company in the industry that have years of experience in the training video production field.

If you’re a little tight on budget then Wyzowl is the best choice for you. They create fantastic and visually appealing videos that drive attention, increase knowledge, and boost experience.

The main focus of this animated video company is to explain a concept, product or idea in digestible and comprehensible way.

Next Thought Studios

If you’re looking for a highly creative team video production team that offers outstanding quality video production services then next Thought Studios is the best one to go with.

They have years of experience in training and education videos which allows them to produce custom videos for corporate and business training.

Whether you want a video that explains how to deploy a product or service or you want a video that teaches a new skill, they can create it all. This video team knows very well how to create a video that deliver the message in a compelling and engaging way.

Click Play

Another popular training video production company that we wanted to list in this blog is Click Play Films. Their highly specialized professionals and result-driven services can help businesses to grow their brands like never before.

They have produced plenty of training and educational videos for small-sized to enterprise level businesses on various topics.

The best thing about them is they leave no stone unturned. From initial conception to polishing they take care of everything.

If you have a training video idea in your mind, then feel free to reach them out and get the best quote for your video.

Closing Remarks

We all know that training videos have the protentional to communicate all the necessary information to employees in a fun, engaging and interactive way.

All the training video production companies we have listed above can provide you amazing training videos.

You can hire anyone of them just ensure to analyze if they are capable of meeting your business requirements or not.