Uncovering the Truth: Does Jessica Burns on WCYB Wear a Wig?

Jessica Burns on WCYB Wear a Wig

Jessica Burns on WCYB Wear a Wig  a long-time anchor on local news station WCYB, has been seen wearing wigs during her broadcasts. The question many have is whether or not she has been wearing a wig the whole time. In this article, we will look into the evidence, both pro and con, to figure out whether or not WCYB’s beloved anchor really is wearing a wig.

Overview of Jessica Burns

Jessica Burns is an anchor for local news station WCYB in Bristol, VA. She has been on the job for over 10 years, making her an integral part of the station’s broadcasting team. Her influence and popularity on the station have made her one of the most well-known personalities in the area. She has great rapport with her audience and a deep knowledge of current events, making her a great resource for viewers wanting up-to-date news.

What We Know For Sure

Does Jessica Burns on WCYB Wear a Wig :The starting point of this discussion has to be the fact that Burns has been seen wearing wigs during her broadcasts. This is something that can’t be argued as there are pictures and videos showing her in full hair pieces. Some speculate that these wigs are seen only during special occasions, while others claim they are regularly worn throughout her broadcasts.

Speculation of Burns Wearing a Wig

Does Jessica Burns on WCYB Wear a Wig:The speculation regarding Burns wearing a wig stems from the fact that there are no images or videos of her without the wigs, despite being on the air for a decade. This could lead one to believe that she has been wearing the wigs the whole time in order to maintain her look. This could also be explained by the theory that she simply enjoys changing up her look with a wig every now and then.

Benefits of Wigs for News Anchors

 Does Jessica Burns on WCYB Wear a Wig: There are some distinct advantages to wearing a wig as a news anchor. First and foremost, wigs provide the ability to easily change up hairstyles without having to worry about the hassle of redoing one’s hair. This can be beneficial for someone who is on the air regularly and needs to maintain a certain look for the sake of their job. Also, wigs allow for consistent coverage for hair loss or baldness, giving an anchor the self-confidence to appear their best.

Rebuttals Against the Wig Theory

Does Jessica Burns on WCYB Wear a Wig, there are quite a few rebuttals to the theory that Burns is wearing one for every broadcast. First and foremost, Burns has been seen in pictures and videos outside of her broadcast with her natural hair, which could disprove the notion that she wears a wig daily. Additionally, Burns has been seen sporting noticeably different hairstyles throughout her time on the air, discrediting the claim that she consistently wears the same wig.


Does Jessica Burns on WCYB Wear a Wig, it is impossible to know for sure if Jessica Burns is wearing a wig on her broadcasts. There is evidence to support both sides of the argument, so it ultimately comes down to personal opinion. For now, it will be up to viewers to decide whether or not WCYB’s beloved anchor is really wearing a wig during her broadcasts.