Understanding the Contributions of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry are both well-known figures in the field of international political science, as they have both made numerous significant contributions and accomplishments to the field. This paper aims to explore the details of their respective careers and accomplishments, in order to better understand their influence in the field of international politics.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry are both eminent members of the field of political science, with substantial contributions to the field. This paper aims to provide an overview of their respective careers, contributions and accomplishments.

A. Background of Gabriel Kuhn

Gabriel Kuhn is a German-Swedish political activist, author, and publisher. He has held numerous positions of leadership within various political action groups, has written and published numerous books, and has produced several documentaries related to social and political issues. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in political science from the Austrian National Universty, which examined the powers of supra-national organizations.

B. Background of Daniel Patry

Daniel Patry is a Canadian political scientist and academic. He has held many different positions of academic leadership throughout his career, in addition to one of his primary roles as a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Montreal. Patry also has written and published several books, articles, and research papers related to international politics and public policy.

Achievements and Contributions of Gabriel Kuhn

A. Leadership Positions in Political Action Groups

Since (year) Gabriel Kuhn has held leadership positions in various political action groups. For instance, he has served as a steering committee member for the Global Social Forum, a member of the Seminar on Communication and Social Change, and co-founded the group ‘Autonomedia’. He has also been involved in challenges to oppressive governmental policies in Austria, and has been a member of European actions against the Iraq war in 2003.

B. Publications and Documentaries

Gabriel Kuhn has made significant contributions to the field in the form of various publications and documentary films. He has authored multiple books and papers for various political and social action groups, and produced and-directed several films, including films about the anti-war and anti-imperialist movements in Austria; a film about Karl-Marx-Hof in Vienna, and films dealing with social issues such as hunger, poverty, and housing injustices.

C. Research Areas of Kuhn

Kuhn has also maintained an active research agenda, focusing on matters of global civil society, non-violent struggles, and national and international social movements. In his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) research, he investigated the potential of supra-national organizations to exercise power, looking in particular at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). His research also examined case studies of international organizational influence in European states.

Achievements and Contributions of Daniel Patry

A. Academic Positions and Career Path

Throughout his career, Daniel Patry has held numerous leadership positions in various academic institutions. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science from the University of British Colombia in (year), and since then has held posts as Assistant, Associate and Full professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Montreal. He has also held research posts as a Berglund International Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as a Visiting Fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University, and he has been an invited lecturer at numerous international conferences.

B. Research and Publications

Throughout his career, Patry has been a prolific researcher and author. He has written and published several books and research papers, which have been widely read and cited by other members of the field. He has published books on topics such as international relations theory, foreign policy analysis and global governance. He has also authored papers on foreign policy decision making, public policy engagement, global governance, and international organized crime and terrorism.

C. Public Policy Engagement

In addition to his academic work, Patry has made significant contributions to the field of public policy. He has worked with various international policy organizations to build capacity for the development of better public policy decisions. Patry has also served on several advisory boards and committees in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has also been a consultant for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and was a research advisor to the Parliamentary International Relations and National Defense Committee of Canada.


In conclusion, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry have both made substantial contributions to the academic field of international political science. Through their various activities in the areas of leadership, research, publications, documentaries, and public policy engagement, the two have become highly influential figures in the field. They have each made significant contributions to the field, and through their combined efforts, have had considerable influence on international politics today.