Vegetarian women suffer from weaker bones, study finds

Vegetarian women suffer

Vegetarian women are more likely to experience bone weakness than meat-eating women. Vegetarian women’s bones become weaker as they age, and their fracture risk can increase by 33 percent.

According to a new study published in BMC Medicine, researchers

that consuming vegetables alone is insufficient to meet nutritional needs. According to James Webster, a researcher at the University of Leeds, vegetables are generally low in calcium

vitamin B12, which play a role in bone strength.

In addition, vegetables do not provide essential protein, which increases the risk of fractures, as protein builds muscle and meat.

other minerals make bones strong.
Researchers say that vegetables are the best food, do not give up its use, but take care of the balance of nutrients.
different women aged 35 to 69 for about 20 years for the aforementioned research.

They were classified into separate categories of regular meat eaters, occasional meat eaters and full vegetarian women.
The study found that 3 percent of women suffered a hip fracture over a 22-year period, with the highest rate among women who were strictly vegetarian. 90% of fractures are caused by falls.

The researchers say that vegetarian women may experience weight loss, body fat loss, bone and muscle weakness.

Vegetarian women should consume extra iron, calcium, protein and vitamin B12 to maintain a balanced diet, the researchers say.
The researchers say that future research studies will be conducted outside of Europe on bone fragility in vegetarian men.