What Size Carbon Filter For 4×4 Grow Tent

For those new to gardening, a grow 4×4 tent is a great choice. It can house between 4 and 6 plants comfortably. The tent’s size is small enough to accommodate huge filtering devices. Thereforea carbon filter with a diameter of 4 inches is ideal for this size. It will remove air from the tent.

Another thing to note is that for regular pressure sodium light, a 4-inch filter will function well. If you plan to use a High-Pressure Sodium light, you will need to alter your filter size between 4 and 6 inches.

Because the high-pressure lamp produces more heat that will increase the temperature, and the 4-inch filter might not be suitable in this situation. It is recommended to consider extending the tent’s lights, fans, and filters based on the tent’s size, temperature forecast, and humidity levels.

4 Inch 190 CFM Duct Inline Fan

This inline fan provides excellent and reliable performance due to the latest technology it is equipped with. When we refer to this, we refer to how it was created. The particular layout of the fan makes that there isn’t any noise or vibration when it’s switched on.

The other factor that contributes to silent operation is the permanently lubricated bearing. This means it does not require maintenance to ensure it works at its best. Furthermore, it is cut on both sides to take the ducting. It’s also a good choice to boost airflow within areas likely to be long ducting runs.

What Is the Ideal Carbon Filter Needed For A 4-X4 Tent?

In most cases, the 4-inch carbon filter should be sufficient to cover a 4×4 tent. Because the 4×4 tent has a tiny internal space, a 4-inch carbon filter will easily eliminate all odors from the air before they’re eliminated from the tent.

It’s also crucial to determine the size of your fan to ensure that the carbon filter can operate optimally. It’s also recommended to purchase a carbon filter fan and fan combo so you can be certain that the carbon filter and the fan are working together to stop the smells from coming from your grow tent.

Hydro farm Active Air Inline Fans

Active Air is another well-known brand of inline fans for hydroponics. They have 4 6 8′ 10 12” options and are known for their durability, simplicity, and stunning design. They run quietly, and they are decorated with ceramic coats to stop rust, degrade the metal components, and come with all the necessary mounting brackets and hardware.

If you plan to grow an enormous quantity of cannabis and require a high-end grow facility, you must invest in top-quality equipment. Active Air’s inline fans certainly satisfy that requirement. Active Air’s inline fans do not have an integrated speed adjuster; you’ll have to buy it separately.

What Size Is Carbon Filter Needed For A Grow Tent And Inline Extraction?

As mentioned, choosing the right size carbon filter that will cover the entire area of your grow tent is the primary element. It is essential to purchasing the right filter to match the size of your grow tent. Although it’s not always needed, there’s no negative effect of using an air filter made of carbon that’s technically too large for the space you have.