Which Diamond Cut Has the Most Sparkle?



Which diamond cut has the most sparkle? Round, Princess Cut, Cushion, Marquise? The answer might surprise you! Diamonds are a symbol of elegance and luxury. They are forever 10 parts to 1 with man-made and natural diamonds. Diamond cuts make their sparkle even more pronounced by splitting the different facets of light into different rays that add an additional layer of glimmering brilliance. The difference in the number of facets on each type is what makes these diamond cuts so beautiful and so popular. The Cut: Oval Shape with a Triple Crown. This shape is perfect for those who appreciate something beyond round or princess cut diamonds because it has so many sharp angles that stand out. This diamond is a rare find and can be quite expensive but it is absolutely worth it. It has the most potential to produce a huge sparkle factor.

Showing of Sparkle:

Round appears to have the most sparkle, but you need to consider the way light enters it. Light enters from all directions with a round brilliant cut, so the rays of light that bounce back create additional sparkle that is hard for the eye to miss. Though princess cut diamonds are far more polished than round diamonds, they have less brilliance, because they are not completely transparent, which reduces their ability to bounce light back at an observer. Round diamonds can have a high sparkle factor, but most people aren’t familiar with them. So whether you are looking for the same sparkle factor when purchasing a round diamond, or hoping to replace something that was broken, there is no better choice than the marquise cut . The Marquise: Cuts like a Heart This diamond is shaped like a heart and has the highest amount of light bouncing off of it. It is often called the Heart Diamond. It’s amazing what this brilliant cut can do to effect an eye. If you are looking for a rare gemstone, your High Cutter(s) should be able to tell you what type of light refraction they see in depth and how much it reflects off each facet. Though marquise diamonds are rare, you can still find them.

The Cushion:

What is the most brilliant diamond cut? This answer only has to do with the size of the stone. Which diamond has the most brilliance when it comes to size? The cushion cut. The reason for this is because it has more facets than any other shape, which means that it can refract and reflect more light. If you want a big diamond and you want people to notice it, then this is a good choice for you. While it is much smaller in carat size than the marquise cut, it has a high brilliance that is hard to beat. When creating a cushion cut, the aim is to have as many flat surfaces as possible. This means that light refracts off these surfaces and provides more brilliance throughout the diamond.

If you want to know which diamond cut has the most potential for brilliance, then we need to take several factors into consideration: The shape of the diamond The number of facets (which plays a major role in how many times light can bounce off each facet) The transparency of the diamond, aka how well light can pass through it. Though the most expensive diamond is the round brilliant, you can’t beat it when it comes to the prestige of owning something that isn’t common. With so much emphasis placed on diamonds and what is considered best for cutting needs, you can be sure that your cutter has this information and will be able to tell you which of these cuts will make a diamond shine. You can also take other factors into consideration such as color of gold or clarity in diamonds. This is one place where High Cutters produce more precise information than a picture or any other piece of literature, and this should not be overlooked. So stop thinking about which diamond cut you like because each one has its own individual characteristics that are influenced by the cutters preferences.


While there are many factors that go into choosing a diamond or diamond jewelry buyers buying a diamond, diamond cut is the only one that can dramatically affect how much sparkle your gemstone has. You may not agree with the information above, but it is important to remember that each and every High Cutter will work with you to offer their best recommendations and advice on the subject of diamonds. If you want to find out which diamond cut has the most potential for brilliance, then contact your local high cutter today!