Here we discuss the 5 SECRETS TO A WELLBEING LIFESTYLE that anyone can adopt easily.

1. Forgiveness:

Does it seem trivial to forgive? Because it works! I could not move forward on my recovery journey until I had forgiven myself on a deep level. Instead of looking in the mirror and saying, “Alana, I can’t believe you gained the weight back,” I would say, “Wow, Alana, you look beautiful in the here and now, and all the decisions since then aren’t it was done with the perspective of not harming this already beautiful, God-given, perfect vessel.”
That changed everything for me. I went from a gentle, self-destructive version of myself to a powerful goddess overnight. I suddenly started hitting the gym several times a week, making better food choices, and nourishing my spiritual side with yoga and meditation.

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2. Relax a little:

Relaxation may seem counterproductive, but it isn’t! I didn’t say you were lazy.I intend to engage in both yin practices and yang practices. Through all of your yang (active, masculine, warm, solar, liquid energy), you are bringing yin balance (cold, passive, intuitive, lunar, still energy) into your already busy life. Indulge in a salt bath, massage and maybe turn off the electronics for an hour. Take some time to meditate.

3. Meditate:

I get very nervous when I mention the term “meditate” in class. For what? Well, meditation can feel scary and maybe even discouraging to sit still when we’re so used to moving all the time. It was a great relief when I first heard that peace is good, not just good, but our birthright. Just as it is our birthright to dance, sing and connect.Back to balance.

4. Diet:

Diet is an important piece of advice for a healthy lifestyle that will make you happier and healthier. Don’t think of it as a diet. The word diet has become known as something you choose to lose weight when in reality diet is simply what you eat. Know that your body is a temple of jewels and that you have thousands of cells whose daily well-being depends on your choices. They work to keep you fit every moment of every day, but work best when fed the highest quality nutrients.

5. Exercise:

Diet and exercise go hand in hand. Find something you’re passionate about. Explore a little. I have found fun and enjoying doing yoga, functional movements with free weights, surfing, paddling and rock climbing. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. Yes, there will be days when you really need to use your Jedi powers to get around, but in the end you should enjoy what you’re doing once you start getting around.

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