Australia: Why did the kangaroo kill its owner?

Why did the kangaroo kill its owner

In Australia, a 77-year-old man was killed by his pet wild kangaroo

According to a foreign media report, the Australian police say that the attack was carried out by a wild kangaroo.

that the dead man had kept in his house.

The police say that the identity of the dead person could not be identified.

they have expressed fear that the attack.

on the said person took place during the day, a citizen saw him injured and reported to the ambulance, but before reaching the hospital, he died.
The police said that according to the rescue personnel, there was a kangaroo at the scene.

which was not allowing them to reach the injured person, as a result of which he had to be shot dead.

According to the rescue officials, this kangaroo was wild and was the pet of the deceased.

The kangaroo allegedly attacked the deceased man and broke his jaw, while the man also sustained internal injuries, from which he succumbed.
According to the Australian media, in 1936, a kangaroo had fatally attacked a human. Now 86 years later, this is the first fatal attack by a kangaroo on a citizen.