Palestine: Women’s Restaurant For Women

Women's Restaurant For Women

Palestinian restaurants where women cook for women only, the staff here are also women.

According to Reuters, chef Amina al-Hayek in Gaza, Palestine, is making her dream come true.

with the help of a restaurant where only female customers come and the service staff is also female.This women’s restaurant is growing rapidly in this densely populated and conservative area of Gaza, as Gazan women complain about the lack of private and safe recreational spaces.

The women who come here say that they want to spend some time in this male society in a place where they can feel safe.
Chef Amina Al Hayek heads the female staff in this restaurant.

While giving an interview to Reuters, he said that he had previously trained as a chef in a hotel kitchen.

the hotel needed a chef, but instead of hiring them, they were given free work.
Amina Al-Haik further told the news agency that the hotel management refused to give her a job only.

she is a woman. The hotel management wanted to have a male chef.’

Sabaiyya means ‘girl or young lady’ in Arabic, the doors of Sabaiyya.

VIP are open to female customers of all ages, colors and races, but men are not allowed.
The owner of this restaurant, Reham Hamouda, while talking to the writer regarding the interesting name of the restaurant.

explained that women also need a place where they feel safe and can take science openly without any fear.

This idea gave him the idea to open this restaurant so that women can enjoy life too.
He said that there are eight women in the restaurant staff. In addition, other women prepare food from their homes.

With unemployment in Gaza currently at around 50 percent, her initiative also provided a source of income.

for Gazan women who cannot leave the home to work.
“We have proved to the world that women can also open a restaurant, which can run successfully.

even without the patronage and supervision of men,” says Minh Al-Hayek.