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Amagi TV, a Delhi-based media technology company, recently announced that it has completed a $150 million expansion into the city. This marks the first time Amagi TV has ever invested in Delhi, which has been an international business hub for many years. The expansion has been made to accommodate the increasing demand for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and personalization in the television industry. This impressive expansion is an indication of Amagi TV’s increasing success and could be the first of many investments in India.

Overview of Amagi TV

Amagi TV is a media technology company that specializes in helping TV broadcasters and operators around the world, streamline their operations with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It has recently made a major expansion in India by investing $150 million dollars in the city of Delhi. This is the first time Amagi TV has ever invested in Delhi and it has plans to expand even further.

Expansion Plan Details

Amagi TV is planning on investing $150 million dollars in its new expansion, which will encompass the entire city of Delhi. This investment is expected to help the company gain more customers and reach more audiences. The company plans on setting up various facilities in the city, including high-end data centers and tech hubs, in order to make the expansion a success. Additionally, Amagi TV will be rolling out various services, such as AI and ML, in order to provide a more personal experience for its current and future customers.

Benefits of Expansion

The benefits of the expansion for Amagi TV are plentiful. For starters, the company will now be able to offer its services in one of the world’s most vibrant and populous cities. This will enable Amagi TV to reach a greater number of customers and provide them with a more personalized experience. Additionally, the company will gain access to a larger pool of talented engineers and experts to help with its development efforts. Overall, the expansion is beneficial for Amagi TV and could help the company establish a strong foothold in the industry.

Future Plans for Amagi TV

Amagi TV has already invested $150 million into its expansion project, but the company is also looking to invest in other areas, such as research and development. The company intends to use the funds from its expansion to develop more innovative and advanced technology to better serve its customers. Amagi TV will also be exploring other opportunities, such as partnering with other companies to create new products and services.


Amagi TV recently completed a $150 million expansion in Delhi, India, and is set to revolutionize the TV broadcasting industry. This impressive expansion opens up a world of possibilities for the company, such as increased customer reach and access to a larger pool of talented engineers and experts. In addition, by investing further in research and development, as well as partnering with other companies, Amagi TV is sure to continue to make impressive strides in the industry.