Londonbased Sumeru Equitylundentechcrunch

Londonbased Sumeru Equitylundentechcrunch

In the world of venture capital, few investing companies have had the same level of success as tech giant, TechCrunch. An international media technology company owned by Verizon Media, TechCrunch has made countless investments in various tech companies since its inception. But despite its tremendous success, there is a lesser known arm of TechCrunch that is gaining momentum – London-based Sūmeru Equity, TechCrunch’s very own venture capital arm. In this article, we will take a closer look at Sūmeru Equity and how it is investing in the future of London-based tech companies.

Overview of Sūmeru Equity

Sūmeru Equity is a venture capital firm that is dedicated to investing in early-stage technology, media, gaming, and consumer businesses based in London and beyond. Founded in 2013 as an affiliate of tech giant, TechCrunch, the company is headquartered in London, with additional offices in Berlin and San Francisco. The founding partners of the venture capital firm include TechCrunch and the Founders’ Co-op, a Pacific Northwest seed-stage venture fund and accelerator.

Sūmeru Equity has quickly become one of the most influential venture capital firms in London. Led by a team of experienced professionals, the venture capital firm has invested in numerous companies, ranging from small startups to more established companies. Some of the companies that have received investment from Sūmeru Equity include The Financial Times, Lovehoney, and Storystream. With a strong focus on early-stage technology, media, and gaming businesses, Sūmeru Equity is on track to become one of the most prominent venture capital firms in London.

Sūmeru Equity’s Investment Strategy

When it comes to investing, Sūmeru Equity takes a very systematic approach. The venture capital firm looks for companies that have a unique concept and model, as well as a credible founding team. The firm also looks for businesses with the potential for long-term growth, and invests in firms with global reach and potential for success. Sūmeru Equity typically invests when companies have already achieved some traction and are close to breakout. It makes the majority of the investments in London-based companies, but does occasionally invest in companies from other parts of the UK and Europe.

Prominent Investments by Sūmeru Equity

Sūmeru Equity has made a number of notable investments since it was founded. One of the most prominent investments is its $10 million Series A funding round in The Financial Times in 2016. In 2017, the venture capital firm also made a $5 million investment in Lovehoney, the UK’s largest lingerie retailer. Additionally, Sūmeru Equity has made major investments in Storystream and other notable companies.

Impact of Sūmeru Equity on the London Tech Scene

The investments made by Sūmeru Equity have had a significant impact on the London tech scene. By investing in early-stage technology and media companies, the firm has helped to foster the growth of the London startup ecosystem. Additionally, the investments made by Sūmeru Equity have enabled these companies to grow and scale, leading to job growth and increased investment in the London tech scene.

What the Future Holds for Sūmeru Equity

As Sūmeru Equity continues to make major investments in London-based companies, the future looks bright for the venture capital firm. Looking ahead, the company is expected to continue its focus on early-stage technology, media, and gaming businesses, helping to build the London startup ecosystem. Additionally, with the backing of TechCrunch, Sūmeru Equity has the resources and support to make a major impact in the tech world.


Sumeru Equity Partners is a London-based venture capital firm that provides capital and technology resources to help startups reach their goals. Through their efforts, they have been able to create a network of investors that have contributed to the development of small businesses in the region. With their expertise, they have created a landscape of investment opportunities and provide a diverse platform for entrepreneurs to launch their startups. Investing in Sumeru Equity Partners will ensure a worthy return on the investment, through their diligent guidance and leadership.