Experience Luxury and Comfort with the’ SetSail 26m Series

SetSail 26m Series

Whether you are the captain of your own leisurely sailboat or are looking to charter a luxurious vessel, the SetSail 26m Series offers the perfect experience. With amenities ranging from top-of-the-line services to tailored facilities, the SetSail 26m Series is designed to meet your every sailing need. Read on to learn more about this outstanding fleet of vessels.

Overview of SetSail 26m Series Vessels

The SetSail 26m Series is an exclusive range of luxurious vessels designed to offer the ultimate cruising experience. The 26m Series comprises of eight diverse vessels ranging from catamarans to motorboats, each designed with the purpose of sailing safely and in comfort. The vessels are available to charter in several countries around the world, making it easy to book an overseas voyage or a local trip.

Customizable Features and Facilities

The SetSail 26m Series offers several unique and customized features and facilities to give you the best sailing experience. Each vessel includes fine interior amenities, like spacious cabins, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and fine dining options. Depending on the vessel, you can also enjoy Jacuzzis and saunas for ultimate relaxation. An experienced crew of professionals can also be arranged during the duration of your voyage.

On-board Amenities and Services

The SetSail 26m Series is renowned for its on-board amenities and services. Each vessel is equipped with the highest quality navigational and safety equipment for your convenience and safety. Professional tour guides, who are trained and knowledgeable of the local area, can be availed of during the voyage. That’s not all, a personal chef, who is ready to serve delectable culinary dishes, can also be requested over the duration of the charter.

All-Weather Capabilities

The SetSail 26m Series is also renowned for its all-weather capabilities. Each vessel is designed to offer maximum comfort and safety even during rough weather conditions. The vessels feature advanced navigational and safety features like high-grade radar systems, satellite navigational tools and expert helmsmen to ensure that you are always on the right course. The vessels can also be easily refuelled and repaired for additional voyage flexibility.

Value-for-Money Rates and Packages

The SetSail 26m Series offers a variety of value-for-money rates and packages for your convenience. From discounted hourly rates to charter packages for different lengths of voyages, there is something available for all types of voyagers. Depending on your voyage, you can also avail of unlimited services like free transfer from the airport and complementary meals.


The Setsail 26m series of fully customisable boats offer a luxurious experience on the water that is second to none. It features a host of advanced features perfect for both experienced sailors and newcomers alike. From the sleek lines of the exterior to the meticulously designed interior, the Setsail 26m is sure to give any seafaring enthusiast a noteworthy and enjoyable experience. No matter your desired use, the Setsail 26m is the perfect choice for enjoying a peaceful and comfortable jaunt out at sea.