Tala 145m 800m Keneokafortechcrunch

Tala 145m 800m Keneokafortechcrunch

Tala, a consumer financial services provider, recently secured $145M in Series C funding from KENEO-KAS, the largest private equity fund in Southeast Asia, and TECHCrunch, a venture capital firm. This is Tala’s third round of fundraising and the funds will help power the company’s next phase of development and empower their mission to enable access to financial products and services. The funding comes as Tala demonstrates tremendous success in recent months, with more than double the number of active users of the platform and disbursements at a rate of 800m USD.

Overview of Tala:

Tala is a consumer financial services provider that provides flexible and affordable loan products, financial education, and access to a wide range of other services. Founded in 2014, Tala is dedicated to bringing financial health to people around the world. With their consumer-centric approach, Tala is able to serve millions of customers, from low-income earners to middle-class citizens, rural and urban populations. The company operates in 12 countries around the world and is one of the fastest-growing fintechs in the world.

The Need for Funding:

Tala has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and needed further funding to power its next stage of development. With the extra funds, Tala was able to finance its mission to enable access to financial services and products to more people around the world. Tala was able to secure a $145M Series C funding round from KENEO-KAS and TECHCrunch, two of the leading venture capital firms in the world.

Impact of The Investment:

The impact that the investment has had on Tala’s mission is significant. With the additional funds, Tala has been able to continue to expand its services to more people and open up opportunities in new markets. Not only has this allowed Tala to grow, but it has also enabled them to provide more people with financial health and stability. Tala’s platform is built on the pillars of financial outcomes, education and trust. It ensures that customers are able to access safe and reliable loan products.

Recent Developments:

Tala has been able to demonstrate an impressive amount of success in recent months, with more than double the number of active users on the platform and disbursements reaching 800m USD. The new funding has enabled Tala to expand further, with a focus on developing new products and services tailored to the needs of their customers. As a result, the company is better able to serve the large populations who are in need of financial services and products.


Tala’s efforts to secure $145M in Series C funding from KENEO-KAS and TECHCrunch have made a big impact on the company’s mission. With the new funds, the company has been able to continue its rapid growth and provide more people around the world with access to financial products and services that will help them gain financial health and stability. The impact of the Series C funding has allowed Tala to keep adapting its products and services to ensure that the company is best able to serve its customers.