Indonesian Group Series ShutechCrunch: An Overview

Indonesian Group Series ShutechCrunch

Deadlock between tech startups in Indonesia has increased in recent years. As a result, there is an urgent need to establish a platform to guarantee the industry’s success. The Indonesian group series ShutechCrunch is a solution to this problem. It is a venture supported by various companies in the field of technology and communication in the country and aims to help startups achieve success in the local market. This article will provide an overview of ShutechCrunch, including its history, members, structure, purpose, and plans for the future.

History of ShutechCrunch

In 2018, two of the largest companies in the Indonesian tech industry began to collaborate with a select group of startups looking for technology partnerships. The concept of the Indonesian group series ShutechCrunch was born out of a need for a platform that could be used to facilitate a conversation between these companies and the startups involved. It was through the support of these two companies, along with other partners, that ShutechCrunch was able to grow into the venture it is today.

Members of ShutechCrunch

ShutechCrunch consists of an eclectic mix of companies, ranging from tech-oriented start-ups to established IT businesses. The members share a common goal of creating an environment where business ideas can be discussed and new collaborations formed with ease. ShutechCrunch comprises ten members, including the two founding companies and startups such as Ahimsa, SpeedFire, and Delphi.

Structure of ShutechCrunch

ShutechCrunch is structured around an online platform, where members can connect with each other and discuss shared interests. The group also meets in person on a regular basis to hold weekly virtual events. Each week, one member is chosen to discuss their own business and progress as well as give insights into the broader landscape of the tech industry.

Purpose of ShutechCrunch

The main purpose of ShutechCrunch is to help developers, entrepreneurs, and tech companies to collaborate and develop new ideas quickly. ShutechCrunch creates a platform for these parties to interact, exchange knowledge, and co-create solutions. It also enables members to network and build strategic partnerships for their businesses.

Plans for the Future

Since its launch in 2018, ShutechCrunch has gained a considerable amount of attention in the tech industry, and the group has plans to continue to grow in the years ahead. The group aims to add more members in the near future and is actively looking for tech companies and startups interested in joining. It is also working on new initiatives that could open the door to even more collaboration opportunities. Additionally, ShutechCrunch will establish a presence in other parts of the tech world, such as conferences and industry events.


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