Londonbased Fresha 100m Series General 132mlundentechcrunch

Londonbased Fresha 100m Series General 132mlundentechcrunch

London-based Fresha is taking the spotlight this week, making headlines internationally over the announcement of their successful Series General Fundraising Launch. With impressive investment backing reaching $100 million, the UK based digital marketplace network just reached a new high in its mission to help independent businesses soar with 132mlunden. Acting as the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, the Series General Fund will serve as a much-needed platform for helping local business owners stabilize their operations and emerge in the thriving industry.

Introduction to Fresha:

Fresha, headquartered in London, is the community’s leading independent digital marketplace. Since its debut in 2017, Fresha has successfully taken the lead and is preparing to get the word out to global businesses. Fresha’s mission is to create a modern digital shopping experience and drive the industry of independent business owners. Through the launch of its Series General Fund, the independent digital giant made a new milestone as the first-ever platform to be launched in the United Kingdom.

Overview of Fresha’s Series General Fund:

The global digital marketplace platform has secured $100 million with their investment backed Series General Fund. The series intends to help businesses succeed with their newest venture, 132mlunden, the “power behind the flexible marketplace”. The platform seeks to not only capitalize on independent businesses in the market but to transform the opportunities for entrepreneurs and global business owners as well. Fresha aims to act as a platform for startup businesses and global organizations to launch their ideas on its platform and have successful access to more capital.

Understanding the Power of 132mlunden:

132mlunden is the driving force behind Fresha’s success. The UK based digital marketplace network allows business owners to instantly access the Fresha platform through their web or smartphone application. 132mlunden was designed in order to provide business owners an easily accessible and user friendly interface. With the power to purchase services and goods on the account, or transfer funds in and out of their digital marketplaces, entrepreneurs can easily streamline every step of their digital drive.

Examples of Fresha’s Support for Independent Businesses:

Fresha works to bridge the gap between independent entrepreneurs and global businesses. The Series General Fund objectives support small business owners to make it easier for them to enter the market. The online platform offers numerous services for business owners, ranging from access to additional capital, legal advice, promotional resources and data-driven insights. In addition, Fresha provides research insights through their 132mlunden software, helping business owners become state of the art in the industry standards.

Resources for Fresha Users:

The Fresha platform provides essential resources for business owners. Each week, the platform offers helpful tips and advice to business owners on how to best manage their business operations. Videos and webinars are also accessible for users who are looking to learn more about the industry or the Fresha network. Additionally, the platform aims to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with access to the best tools, funding opportunities and resources they need to succeed in their venture.


The Fresha network is on the rise, making a major breakthrough in the UK business industry. By launching the first ever Series General Fund, Fresha aims to empower independent business owners and uphold the quality standard of the global digital marketplace. Access to 132mlunden and the online resources provided through Fresha provide business owners the additional leverage and support needed to enter the market and accelerate their growth.