Instagram exec says photos will be more app-focused in 2023


Mosseri made the remark on Instagram as part of his weekly Q&A series hosted on his IG Stories.

According to Mosseri:

“I think we focused too much on video in 2022 and pushed the charts too far and basically showed too many videos and not enough photos. Since then we’ve reached a balance such that things like the frequency of likes for photos and videos and the frequency of comments on photos and videos are roughly equal, which is a good sign that everything is balanced.”

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Mosseri further notes that photos will remain the focus of the application and that the right balance will be crucial.
Which, as mentioned, is good news for Instagram users, who have long urged the app not to stray too far from its roots. Which definitely seems to have happened in recent years, as more videos – and more reels in particular – have poured into user feeds and completely changed the way the app works in various ways.

Sometimes it seems that Instagram has lost its way and allows itself to influenced too much by the latest trends instead of creating or nurturing its own niche.

Instagram has gained popularity with photos, with users posting their memories and compositions in the form of an online interactive photo album. The rise of Instagram coincided with the rise of phones, and as users became more and more satisfied with their devices, Instagram gave them the power to share content, which eventually saw the addition of filters and simple editing tools to enhance those creations and to bring them into focus. more about shared moments and memories.

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But the advent of stories changed everything. Instagram’s popularity among younger users and focus on looks made Meta the perfect tool to stave off the growth of Snapchat, which saw it as an up-and-coming competitor, and Stories quickly became a key part of app development.

And it worked. IG Stories basically stunted Snapchat’s growth for a while, and Instagram usage has skyrocketed. Instagram has thus become a new home for new experiments and features, and the growth of Stories has also led to a greater shift towards video – which, like expanded access to camera tools, has also linked to evolving technologies and the availability of Video options are dependent via mobile devices. . .