Rafting along the Kolad River, and accommodation in a luxurious Swiss tent

Rafting along the Kolad River, and accommodation in a luxurious Swiss tent

Mumbai, the city of imagination, can be quite claustrophobic at the moment, largely due to large teams and contamination. The city is full of traffic, which can make it difficult to find a peaceful place. It is hard to see celebrities when looking up at the skyline of the city. The Sahyadri Village is a few hours drives from Mumbai. You will be able to reconnect with nature and find harmony there. You will find tranquility in the stargazing and intoxicating fireplaces. Your camp visit will leave you feeling completely satisfied. We have collected a list of the best places to set up camp in the metropolitan area.

You can travel by train to Mumbai or Pune, where you can choose to take a bus or drive. You can also travel by train to Dadar-Raha station. You can then take a rikshaw to the camp.

Kolad is an isolated fishing village located about 2 hours from Mumbai and Pune. It lies along the banks of the Kundalika river in beautiful surroundings surrounded by dense greenery. It turns into heaven during monsoons when it is surrounded by beautiful surroundings with dense greenery and chirping birds.

A Swiss tent will provide basic furniture and televisions as well as a double bed and sofa. Each tent comes with a separate sitting area and a washroom. A hot water boiler is available. There is a communal dining area, as well as plenty of space for gardening.

Luxurious Swiss Tents in Kundalika, Kolad

If you are looking for a memorable experience, at least one night in these tents must be spent.


Day 1

  • You can also check out the Swiss tents.
  • There are many outdoor activities that you can do, such as archery and biking.
  • All participants will enjoy dinner and music at the get-together.

Day 2

  • Start the day with breakfast and then go river rafting for approximately. You will travel 12 km along the Kundalika river, which will last for approximately 2 hours.
  • Return to camp for lunch.
  • You will return from camp in the evening with a treasure trove of memories.

What should you carry?

  • Additional clothes that you can change at the campsite, farmhouse or tents.
  • Clothing is not restricted. Any type of comfortable clothing is allowed.
  • Chappals should not be used for rafting as they could flow into the river.
  • Shoes are preferable.
  • Some items like towels, soaps, etc.
  • Cameras are not required as they could get wet during rafting.
  • You must bring sunscreen and wear a t-shirt or a full-sleeve shirt while rafting.

The best time to visit:

Kolad can be visited throughout the year, but it is best to visit between October and March. These months are cooler and have pleasant weather. This time of year, the temperature ranges between 15 and 23 degrees Celsius.

Kolad is the home to a beautiful river that flows through it. The water is clear as the skies and is surrounded by lush greenery. Imagine yourself camping next to the river. It will be so beautiful! It is possible to see the night sky over you filled with twinkling stars. This view is rare in dense jungles. It’s possible to relax with friends, dip your legs in the cool water, and have the time of your life. To meet your demands, a range of packages are available for selection.

River rafting is the main activity of the day, as the river flows through the highlands. You can have a bonfire at your camp at night, where you will enjoy music, dinner, and fairytales. This will create a great bond with your friends and help you get to know them better. This will strengthen your bond. Even at night, the sky is beautiful. At night, you can see the water reflecting in the sky. You feel like you can stay there forever doing nothing.

Adventure seekers love the variety of water activities, including kayaking and river rafting, banana boats ride.

zip lining, and river rafting. These water sports offer more fun than you’ve ever experienced in your entire life.

You can also chill out under the stars with a bonfire, and enjoy Maharashtrian food, and barbeque.