It’s not a stretch to declare that trekking is among the most popular adventure sports in India. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will provide you with an intense adrenaline rush and allow you to get close to the beauty of nature. There are many hiking routes to choose from in the Himalayas that range in difficulty from easy to extremely difficult. These routes include a wide range of artificial and natural elements along with the opportunity to enjoy religious and cultural excursions. If you’re in search of similar experiences, take check out these top hikes in India.


Easy Difficulty; Best Time From June through Mid-November

The trek to Hampta Pass

The famous 35-kilometer Hampta Pass Trek starts from Hampta, which is located in the Kullu Valley village of Hampta, and finishes with Chatru located in Lahaul & Spiti Valley. The duration is 4 to 5 days and the highest point is 4400m. It is an excellent choice if this is your first hike at a high altitude. The views are priceless and the views are breathtaking. The route takes you past steep, snow-covered slopes and deep deodar forests, lush meadows clear streams, crystal-clear lakes, Himalayan avifauna, and lastly, you’ll travel through the deserted Lahaul-Spiti area to arrive at the final destination. The tour includes a night of camping in Chandra Tal as well.


Moderate difficulty; ideal time frame between mid-May and mid-October.

Trek Beas Kund

Himachal Pradesh offers the incredible Beas Kund Trek, one of the top and most challenging summer treks in India. In Manali, the trek is the most popular long weekend trek. You will be able to enjoy stunning panoramic views over the Pir Pinjal mountain range as well as the Dhundi and Bakarthach meadows as you walk through the river Beas the banks. Cust upwards to reach the glacier lake which is the source of the river. It’s also called Beas Kund and, according to legend Sage Vyas the writer of the epic poem Mahabharata took a bath in the water. To go on this trek, no prior experience with trekking is required.

Journey up to Chandrakani Pass in Himachal Pradesh

Moderate difficulty level The ideal time is mid-June until the beginning of October

The trek through the Chandrakhani PassThe Chandrakani Trek is a 22 km trek that typically lasts 10 days, and it reaches the highest elevation of 3650 meters. This pass at an altitude higher than the rest of the trek and the views are stunning. Admire the views of Pir Panjal Deo Tibba, and Parbati mountains as you climb close to the Pass. Take advantage of the peace that comes from being away from the crowds as you travel along the trails that wind through pine and oak trees.


Intermediate to Complex MARKHA LADAKH, VALLEY TRACK,

Markha Valley Trek is best to explore from July until mid-September.

One of the most affluent valleys within the Ladakh region is the Markha Valley, and the Markha Valley trek involves. The hike is challenging and takes you through Chilling, Skiu, Sara, Hankar, and Nimaling starting from the Leh beginning point. The trail will take you through smaller towns throughout the ten-day trek, and be amazed by the monastery buildings that are still standing with crumbling forts, crumbling forts, and temples.


Level of Difficulty Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Ideal Time: Mid-July to Mid-September

Trek through the Valley of Flowers

There is a Valley of Flowers walk-in Uttarakhand is one of the top hiking trips in India It takes visitors up to Hemkund Sahib, a Sikh holy site of pilgrimage in addition to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The longest hike is 55 km long while the top point is 3658 meters. The picturesque valley appears to be at peace in the monsoon months when it is adorned with hundreds of vivid flowers at high altitudes. Himalayan flowers. The most popular August trekking routes in India result from this. This trek is ideal for hikers of all ages. The trek starts in Govindghat. Take in the spiritual excitement while taking in Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations.

Trek through to Rupin Pass

One of the top places in India for treks includes The Garhwal area, and it is home to the strenuous Rupin Pass Trek, which is scheduled to last for 7 days and has an elevation of 15250 feet. This trek of 52 kilometers starts with Dhaula, Uttarakhand, and is completed in Sangla, Shimla, and Himachal Pradesh. This trek is favored by experienced hikers and is packed with challenges and breathtaking views. It takes you through a variety of terrains including meadows covered in snow or rocky plains with waterfalls, as well as an edifice that hangs. The park is only accessible to people older than 14 years old. Experience the spectacular panoramic views from Kinner Kailash Peak as well.

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Easy to Moderate difficulty: DZONGRI TREK, SIKKIM Best Time: April to June, and October through December

The most enjoyable hiking experience in India can be accomplished in Sikkim by embarking on a five-day Dzongri trek. It is a range of difficulty that ranges from easy to moderate. It is the Dzongri Trek, one of the top trekking routes in winter India starts and finishes in Yuksom..a maximum altitude of 15,000ft, which covers a distance of 21 kilometers. This trek is essential if you have only a few hours and wish to enjoy the most stunning Himalayan views which include those of the Dzongri La peak and Mt. Kanchendzonga.


Easy to learn

The best time to do this is from June through September


Maharashtra is one of the cities in India that is suitable for beginners to trek. Around 15 kilometers separate Lonavala from Rajmachi. The trek takes about an hour on average as the summit is located at three thousand feet above sea level. The starting point for this walk is Udhewadi and the overall distance is 14 kilometers. You can take in the breathtaking Shrivardhan as well as Manaranjan forts.