Saudi Arabia, woman singing in full hijab under criticism

Saudi Arabia, woman singing in full hijab under criticism

The people of Saudi Arabia are criticizing the woman singing in full hijab.
A video of a masked woman singing a song was shared by Saudi actor Abdullah Al-Sadhan on his Twitter account.
In this video the lady is singing the song in full screen.
In his tweet, the actor praised the lady’s voice and wrote, “I just want to say that God protect you. It’s hard to find a job and earn money to live. Your voice is beautiful. Should keep singing.
This video was about to go viral on the Saudi media that the users of the veiled woman started criticizing her on social media.
Many Saudi citizens expressed their displeasure on this video.
A user had to write that fear Allah, singing and playing is religiously impermissible, earn a living from such a profession and everyone will be proud of you.
Another user said that if this woman has embraced music, why is she wearing the veil, she would have taken off the veil while singing, singing while wearing the veil is an insult to hijab.
On the other hand, some users were in support of this veiled lady saying that this lady is an artist, her voice is beautiful and perfect for singing.
Another user in a tweet in favor of the woman said that the niqab has not hindered this woman from performing, nor has it stopped her talent, this woman knows that covering her face can will not affect the art of

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