Interbank: Dollar has become 214 rupees 50 paisa

Interbank: Dollar has become 214 rupees 50 paisa

The US dollar is flying again after falling continuously due to which the value of the Pakistani rupee is falling again.
The US dollar became 214 rupees 50 paise after the US dollar became more expensive by 45 paisa at the interbank.
Yesterday’s dollar situation
Yesterday, the dollar had become cheaper by 25 paise in the inter-bank market, while it had become expensive by 1 rupee in the open market.
According to the report issued by the Forex Association, on Thursday, the buying price of the dollar in the interbank against the rupee decreased by 25 paise to 215 rupees 25 paise, but the selling price remained at 215 rupees 50 paisa.
On the other hand, with an increase of Rs 1 in the open market, the buying price of the dollar increased from Rs 214 to Rs 215 and the selling price increased from Rs 216 to Rs 217.
A negative trend in the stock exchange today
Meanwhile, in the first business session of Pakistan Stock Exchange today, the trend remained negative.

Pakistan Stock Exchange‘s 100 index closed down 207 points at 43,274.

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