Top 5 Nail Designs You Can Have This Summer At Elite Nail Extension Salons.

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Your hands showcase your personality. Then why not adore them in the best way? People, especially stylish ladies, often visit the best nail design salon in NYC to get an ecstatic finish on their nails. Elite nail extension salons near you can let you enjoy important details allowing people to observe your flawless beauty. The nail designs are in fashion, and you should try a new one this summer and flaunt your charm. But most people get confused, about what to wear on their nails. Choosing a new nail color or shape always comes in options making you baffled. For them, here are some of the nail design ideas you can try and show off the magic of nails.

Marble Nails

If you are looking for the top acrylic nails this summer, you must try Marble Nails. The best nail design salons in NYC use a definite technique while applying this design. They place drips of nail polish in a cup of water and create a beautiful swirl of color on the surface. The pattern is then used on your nails making them look awesome.

The style is quite popular not only among adults but kids too. They are using them on party days and flaunting their cuteness everywhere. People have come up with various designs this time moving on from just the black and white color.

Minimal Nails

Not everyone wants a voluminous design on their nails every time. A few even like the Minimal Nails. The trend became a rage a year before when a few celebrities displayed their Minimal Nail design. You can try monochrome colors, abstract designs, negative space, and geometric lines as a minimal design. The nail extension salons start the process with a manicure and help a super detailed person to set the drama through their nails. People even DIY their nails to show minimal designs.

You can ask the experts to provide you with a gold micro French mani, flower motif mani, abstract tips, geometric red nails, simple minimalist dots, milky almond nails, silver of silver glitter nail polish, etc. The minimal design may cover only a small portion, but they are enough to make a loud noise.

Velvet Nails

If you have observed, many fashion-loving ladies like to rely solely on the velvety appeal of their nails to make a statement. Various stylists use flocking powder or magnetic polishes to bring out the ultimate look elevating the French manicure and abstract designs. People nowadays have elite nail salons that can provide perfectly painted and solid velvet shades. However, there are many different hues you can use, from sage green to champagne, to flaunt your beauty.

Individuals who love pink shades can try the mauve velvet manicure, whereas to create crystal vibes, they can apply champagne velvet manicures. Cool silver shades are also drifting visions. So you can go on with icy velvet designs too.

Rhinestones Nails

Precious stones have always adorned the lives of human beings. Whether you use them as jewelry, on a window treatment, an eye-catching showpiece, etc., stones have always been around. Now you can use them on your nails too. The innovative Rhinestones Nails are creating a revolution. The best nail design salons have the right equipment and tools to adorn your nails by creating your favorite rhinestone nail designs. You can go experimental in this case and draft various patterns on your nails.

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Classic Red Nails

From the ancient period to the new age one thing that has prevailed in women’s hands is the classic red color nail paint. The color red has a distinctive charm of its own mesmerizing every viewer. The nail extension salons near you will always advise you to wear red when you find no color or design so attractive.

The amazing part is you can even add a blend of patterns to this color. Red nails are glamorous and seductive bringing the right person’s attention. You can wear them on normal as well as on special days. Even celebrities prefer to sway their charm on the red carpet by throwing flying kisses with their red-colored fingers.


Nail colors and extensions are becoming a fashion statement. Even the best nail design salons in NYC  are using organic products so that you don’t get any side effects. The designs on nails are eye-catching and can offer you a lot of attention. The summer of 2022 is in its mid-way, so experiment as much as you can with your looks and nail designs.