All about the seamstress. Sewing has a long and honored history dating back to the invention of the sewing needle. When needles became available, fabrics could be combined into garments. Tailors don’t just sew clothes, they make all kinds of garments. As fabrics and silks traveled from China to Europe via the Silk Road, they added tremendous value to today’s materials. These rich and beautiful fabrics have launched a whole new industry in the manufacture of elegant dresses for women. The industrial revolution mechanized the manufacture of clothing, but patterns and designs have always been fundamental to every garment. The seamstress folded the pattern pieces together to complete the garment.

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WHO IS THE Tailor?

Tailors don’t just make clothes. They create clothes specifically for women who want a trendy look and style. A seamstress, sometimes called a milliner or fabricator, can sew dresses, skirts, blouses, and even evening dresses.


A DRESSMAKER is not the same as a tailor. Although both work in the clothing industry, the tailor works with bespoke suits and garments. The tailor and seamstress can make adjustments.

Tailors are creative in their use of embellishments and accessories, and may be asked to copy designs made famous by other designers. The seamstress uses her craft to help women find a fit that suits their figure. The designs created by the seamstress are specially created to suit individual tastes. Having an in-house seamstress ensures you have someone to tailor-make your clothes fashionably. Tailors specialize in making clothes for their clients and are generally more in demand than a tailor or seamstress.


Designers must have the following fashion and tailoring skills and experience.

Create and edit designs.
Ability to sew by hand and machine.
skills in clothing and fashion design.
experience in using all types of fabrics and finishes.
Possibility to adapt the cut and material to the female silhouette.
Able to use various sewing tools and create custom-made garments for specific customers.
Start your own accounting and marketing business if you choose to self-employed.

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In the sewing industry, a seamstress may have other roles. They can be adept at updating vintage clothing and restoring historical costumes and designs. Tailors can take couture designs and create them for their clients who want a replica of a famous dress or design. Wedding dresses often fall into this couture category, and actual wedding dress designs viewed with particular interest.
Famous fashion and haute couture houses have their own designs and their tailors must show great skill to complete a ready-to-wear dress for the world famous catwalks and fashion shows.