What is fast fashion and why is it so bad?

fast fashion

Fast fashion is a relatively new phenomenon in the industry that is causing tremendous damage to the planet, exploiting workers and harming animals. So it’s best to stay away whenever possible.

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Tragic Fashion Test

Buying clothes used to be a one-off event: it happened a few times a year when the seasons changed or when we were too old for what we had. But about 20 years ago something changed. Clothing has become cheaper, trend cycles have accelerated and shopping has become a hobby. Enter the fast fashion and global chains currently dominating our high street and online shopping. But what is fast fashion? Why is fast fashion so bad? And how exactly does this affect people, planet and animals?

It was too good to be true at All of these stores sell cool and trendy clothes that you can buy for casual change, wear a few times and then throw away. So everyone could afford to dress like their favorite celebrity or wear the latest trends straight off the catwalk.

Then, in 2013, the world was confronted with reality when the Rana Plaza garment manufacturing complex in Bangladesh collapsed, killing more than 1,000 workers. That’s when consumers really started questioning fast fashion and the true cost of those $5 t-shirts.If you’re reading this article, you might already be familiar with the dark side of it, but it’s worth finding out how the industry got here and how we can help change it.

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What is fast fashion?

It can be defined as affordable high fashion clothing that takes inspiration from runway shows or celebrity culture and converts it into clothing in department stores at a rapid pace to meet consumer demand. The idea is to get the latest models out as quickly as possible so buyers can buy them while they’re still in their prime and then throw them away after a few uses. It fits with the idea that repeating outfits is a fashion fallacy and that you need to wear the latest styles regularly if you want
to stay current.It’s an important part of the toxic system of overproduction and consumption that has made fashion one of the world’s biggest polluters. Before we change, let’s look at history.

How was fast fashion born?

To understand how quickly fashion has evolved, we have to go back a little. Before the 19th century, fashion was slow. You had to get your own materials like wool or leather, prepare them, weave them, and then sew the clothes.

The industrial revolution introduced new technologies, such as the sewing machine. Clothing is easier, faster and cheaper to make. Tailor shops emerged to meet the needs of the middle class.