What is the Pure Beauty movement?

Pure Beauty

For us, a purely cosmetic product for the pure beauty movement must meet these two main criteria:

1. Pure ingredients

Pure beauty basically means that you can use the product without endangering your health. The ingredient list should contain only safe and pure ingredients.

What are “clean” ingredients? At Good Face Project, we analyze every cosmetic ingredient and provide ratings based solely on safety and toxicity.

For us, a purely cosmetic product is free from endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. We developed the Good Face Index, which converts hundreds of thousands of scientific studies and papers on cosmetic ingredients into easy-to-understand safety ratings. This makes it easy to see if a product is safe based on its ingredients. Basically, a product is only as pure as its worst ingredient.

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2. Clear Labels

When a beauty brand tries to list all of their ingredients and label them appropriately, they’re well on their way to pure beauty. However, not all brands are transparent.

A good example of the lack of transparency in the cosmetics industry is the inclusion of fragrances in cosmetic products. Fragrance isn’t an ingredient, but since the industry isn’t regulated, companies can hide ingredients under the umbrella term “fragrance”.”

Another example of opaque labels misleading the consumer based on the packaging. Brands can mislabel their products with buzzwords like “natural” and “eco” to grab the attention of the conscious consumer. It’s called “greenwashing,” and we’ll talk about that in a moment.

Pure Beauty simply doesn’t contain any secret ingredients, and Pure Beauty certainly doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t.

Pure beauty is simple

Did you expect a longer list of criteria?You might have expected words like “natural” and “organic.”

Pure beauty is not about being 100% perfect. That means yes, synthetic ingredients are clean as long as they are safe and non-toxic. It also means that pure beauty doesn’t have to be all natural, with no preservatives etc. Pure beauty is non-toxic beauty.

Rather than focusing on buzzwords like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’, the shift to pure beauty focuses on removing as many toxins as possible from our everyday products.

Pure beauty also means awareness. With the lack of regulation in the beauty industry, it’s up to us to become familiar with the most common toxins found in our skin, beauty, body and hygiene products.

Unfortunately, this means that the consumer (speaking of you!) has a huge responsibility to be careful about what goes into their cosmetics.

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How not to go crazy? We’ll talk about that in a moment.

There are some misconceptions about it that we need to clear up:

Does pure beauty have to be all natural?

Pure Beauty has been around for a while, but the movement is growing fast. For a long time, products with purely natural ingredients were considered pure beauty stars.”Preservative-free” is another buzzword associated with natural beauty.