Why children should spend time with nature


Our life is surrounded by technology, i. H. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices that kids use everywhere, at home or at school. Most children prefer to stay at home to play online games, surf the Internet, and be exposed to content they are not mature enough to understand, such as: B. Pornography, etc. They perceive their children as a waste of time, even though these activities are vital to a child’s development.

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Children who don’t want to spend time outdoors have sparked anxiety and panic, and the crisis has been dubbed ‘nature deficit disorder’. Children with this disorder have behavior problems, parental anxiety, health problems like obesity, and vision problems.
Here we explain in detail why children should spend time in nature.

Building Confidence

Playing indoors reduces confidence because children are not open to life outside. When children are free to roam in nature, they will interact with the outside world. These movements can take place anywhere, in a park, in a yard or nearby. It allows the child to choose the environment and place of interaction and helps them gain confidence.
Stimulates creativity and imagination

Because the external environment allows children to move freely, they can interact with the different types of nature, which allows them to think, diversify and interpret in their own way. This allows them to develop their creativity and imagination. It allows them to see the world from their new perspective.In the midst of nature, children think, question and interpret and thus develop their analytical skills.

Raising awareness

As parents, we should enjoy letting our children explore nature. Nature has a lot to learn. For example, when they plant a seedling, they quickly realize that if they don’t water it, it will die. This sense of responsibility of taking care of the plant and then watching it grow makes them think about it and use it for other ways of life.

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Physical health services

80% of children are not physically active. Experts say that they should play outside for at least 3 hours a day as exposure to the sun helps them develop a strong immune system. Nature heals itself. A walk or a walk is enough, in fact, the movement of the body is enough to keep the child fit and active. Physical activity not only helps them gain fitness and strength, but also increases their focus as they watch things move.

Mental Health Services

When they are at home, it’s a special environment. When playing video games, they have a directed attention that focuses on one thing at a time while the space is open in a natural environment. Children can think freely and the brain does not have to look at just one object at a time. This is called effortless attention that reduces stress and fatigue in children.